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Ada Traditional Council forbids Agbewornu to hold himself as Chief of Sege.


The Judicial Committee of the Ada Traditional Council has ruled that Nene Dameh Agbewornu ll cannot hold himself as the Chief of Sege.

It also fined him GHS5000 to be awarded to Nene Nakom V, the rightful heir to the stool.

“The panel therefore conclude that Nene Dameh Agbewornu ll was not in possession of the Black Stool as indicated in the enstoolment form,” portion of the judgement stated

The three-member Judicial Committee of the Council observed that Nene Dameh Agbewornu ll was installed by another man who calls himself a chief by name Nomo Teye Agbewornu but he did have no capacity to do so.

“Under cross examination, Nene Dameh Agbewornu ll said he was installed a chief of Sege by Nomo Teye Agbewornu on 4th August 2005.

Evidence before the committee shows that Nomo Teye Agbewornu was installed Sege Matseh on same day. On the face of evidence therefore before the committee, Nomo Teye Agbewornu was a chief in Sege at the time he installed Gideon Agbewornu as Sege Chief. It is against custom and accepted practice for a chief to install a chief. ”

The three-member committee said Nene Dameh Agbewornu ll was not in possession of the black Stool and that disqualified him to be installed a chief.

The Judicial Committee emphasised the role of the Ada Traditional Council was a legally established institution clothed with the customary and legal obligation to protect and preserve the chieftaincy institution.

Pursuant to article 277 of the 1992 constitution, section 57 and 29 of the chieftaincy act 2004 (act 759), a chief is a person who hailing from the appropriate family and lineage, has been validly nominated, elected or selected and enstooled, enskinned or installed as a chief or Queen mother in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage.


The late Nene Nakom lV, Chief of Sege, died in July 2005 and somewhere along the line, Gideon Dameh Agbewornu claimed he has been installed to replace the deceased revered chief as Nene Dameh Agbewornu ll.

When questioned, he told the Ada Traditional Council that he was installed by the Council.

Numo Teye Agbewornu misrepresented himself as the chief installed in Sege on 4th August 2005, that is how come the Ada Traditional Council heard his case and a verdict was given on his wrongfully installation as chief in 2012.

But when asked before the committee, he said Teye Agbewornu is not a chief but rather a family head.

Evidences and facts checks revealed that there were fraudulent entries in the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs and the Ada Traditional Council.

On the 30th of November 2020, the three member Judicial Committee which was made up of Nene Saki Keteni V as Chairman, Nene Glorgo Dadebom Anim V and Nene Angmertey Kplivi V, as panel members fined Nene Dameh Agbewornu ll an amount of GHC 5,000 to be awarded to the plaintiff.

In attendance were Mr. E. C Mettle–Nunoo, Assistant Regional Registrar and Miss Regina Ocloo, Court Clerk GD.1

They also cautioned him to restrain himself and not hold himself as the Chief of Sege.


In the chieftaincy matter involving the Sege stool, which was brought before the Judicial Committee of Ada Traditional Council on 28th February 2020, the Petitioners alleged as follows:

1. That Nene Dameh Agbewornu II made fraudulent entries in his Chieftaincy Declaration, which facilitated the entry of his name into the National Register of Chiefs, i.e
a. Date of Change: he stated that Nene Nakom IV died on 15 January,2005 when in actual fact, he died on 14th July 2005.
b. Pending case against the installation: The 1st Respondent answered “no” to the question is there a case pending against the installation?” whilst in actual fact there was case that was yet to be determined.
c. Date of Enstoolment: The 1st Respondent entered 4th August 2005 as the date of his enstoolment whereas the date was what Numo Teye Agbewornu claimed he was installed chief of Sege.

2. The Judgment of 7th June 2012 was obtained fraudulently because Numo Teye Agbewornu misled the Judicial Committee into believing that he was the chief of Sege.

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