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Adamus Resources condemns alleged intimidation tactics amid frivolous legal dispute

Adamus Resources
Adamus Resources

Adamus Mining, an indigenous mining company, has responded to recent events and allegations surrounding actions taken by one Israel Ackah, a lawyer purportedly acting on the instructions of Adamus Resources (Pty) Australia and one Allan Morrison.

According to the company, the above-mentioned person, who is a lawyer went to the Kotoka International Airport Cargo Village in the company of a court bailiff and other lawyers, and created confusion and prevented staff from carrying out their legitimate responsibility, purportedly based on some injunction application.

“We express deep concern regarding the reported incidents,” Adamus Resources Ltd officials said. “We strongly condemn the alleged attempts to interfere with operations and the use of intimidation tactics. These actions are inappropriate and are contrary to the principles of fair business practices, especially in the mining industry in Ghana. Such behaviour is unacceptable and goes against the values of our country.”

The company also said Israel Ackah and his gang also intimidated security officials at the airport, threatening to go to the Press and publish their names if they proceeded to export the gold.

“This behaviour is unethical and unprofessional and must be condemned. The work of a lawyer is to uphold truth and justice through appropriate legal channels and not to intimidate state officials with media blackmail,” it said.

The airport security said the matter has been reported to the appropriate security authorities.

“We need to address these issues as a way of assuring all investors that Ghana remains the safest and best destination for business. We also gathered that the said Israel Ackah is facing the General Legal Council and that a further report has been made about his latest illegal conduct,” the company said.

Adamus said it is committed to being allowing due process to take its course in resolving any disputes, but it will not allow any person or entities to use dubious and foul means to dent or disrupt the operations of the company and its hard-won reputation.

It expressed worry over why some self-styled appointed persons are doing everything to frustrate the operations of the company without thinking twice that people who work in the company are Ghanaians who have families to feed, and the company pays taxes which is also used in developing the country.

“We strongly believe that these actors are willing to do anything to tarnish the good name of the company, as long as it pleases their paymasters. Nevertheless, we have faith that the justice system in Ghana will hold them accountable for their actions,” it stated.


Regarding legal proceedings initiated by Adamus Australia, Adamus Resources Ltd asserts that the application is frivolous, especially considering its prior filing and subsequent dismissal. Such actions are perceived as attempts to abuse the court process and disrupt legitimate business operations an official said.

“It is crucial to clarify that Israel Ackah does know that the person he goes around pontificating to represent the interests, Allan Morrison, who is associated with BCM is not a shareholder of Adamus Australia but a passive client situated in Australia. The sole shareholder of Adamus Australia is Nguvu Holdings. It is incomprehensible that a mere director with no interests in the company would proceed to act against the shareholder that appointed him”

An official of the company said, “It is shocking and beats our imagination to know that Israel Ackah went to the airport with some persons believed to be lawyers and bailiffs to intimidate officials into thinking he had a court order when he had nothing to show and that he was on record threatening the airport security.

It was when the security told him they were acting based on a contract with Adamus that he threatened to file the case to stop customs from approving the shipment. And on the back of a mere frivolous application, one he had filed before and we had filed to strike out, he went to the airport to personally stop personnel from performing their administrative duties.”

It is still unclear how Israel Ackah became aware of the existence of a valuable gold pick. This is a question worth millions that remains unanswered. Mining companies have strict security protocols in place to ensure that only authorized personnel are informed about the movement and transportation of gold from the mining site to the airport.

According to the managers at Adamus, Israel Ackah allegedly called a representative of the security company that was supposed to pick up the gold to the airport and instructed him not to do so. This allegedly happened before Ackah filed an injunction application against the company, which is yet to be served.

According to experts in the industry, it is considered a major security breach for anyone, including the owner of a mining company, to have knowledge of a gold pickup if they do not have the appropriate authority. This is done to ensure the safety and protection of the team responsible for transporting the gold.

Meanwhile, Managers of Adamus Ghana have assured all stakeholders to remain calm as authorities conduct their investigations into the alleged violations by this lawyer and his client, Allan Morrison.

“We seek to assure stakeholders and the public that we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct, transparency, and legality. The company is confident that the truth will prevail as the situation unfolds.”

Clarifying the issue of a purported IMC put in place, the officials revealed that there is no IMC in place in the company as that matter is still pending before the courts. They said anybody who doubts this should check with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the courts. This is because Adamus Resources Ltd and its lawyers challenged the ruling immediately by filing a Stay of Execution at the High Court Commercial Division pending an appeal. And this Stay of Execution is yet to be heard.

A copy of this is attached to this story with the link below.


What we know is that there is a current legal situation involving Allan Morrison and Israel Ackah in the ongoing dispute between Adamus Resources Limited, Nguvu Mining Limited, and the aforementioned individuals.

In an Accra High Court, there is an application for a stay of execution of the interlocutory injunction order. There is also a contempt application against Isreal Ackah and Allan Morrison for acts which are alleged to be contemptuous and an affront to the court’s authority.

A copy of this court document is also attached in the link below.


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