ADC and ODC Partner to Boost West Africa’s Data Infrastructure

L R Ladi Okuneye Unicloud Dr Krishnan Ranganath Adc And Yen Choi Onix After Engaging The Press
L R Ladi Okuneye Unicloud Dr Krishnan Ranganath Adc And Yen Choi Onix After Engaging The Press

Africa Data Centres (ADC) and Onix Data Centre (ODC) have announced a strategic partnership to expand data storage capabilities in West Africa, beginning with Ghana.

The partnership was formalized at the 13th Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards in Accra.

This collaboration aims to enhance digital infrastructure and ensure that data generated in Africa remains within the continent, thereby improving security and performance. Dr. Krishnan Ranganath, Regional Executive for West Africa at Africa Data Centres, and Yen Choi, CEO of Onix Data Centre, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective companies.

Dr. Ranganath emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Onix Data Centre allows us to leverage innovative technologies and sustainable practices, enhancing our ability to serve the West African market effectively.” He highlighted the critical role of data in both private and public sectors, comparing its importance to oxygen and stressing the need for African countries to store their data locally.

Yen Choi reinforced Onix’s commitment to maintaining global tech standards and noted that the Accra data centre currently has the capacity to hold data equivalent to 30 football fields. He emphasized the need for additional capacity due to the increasing volume of data generated across the continent, making the partnership with ADC crucial.

Choi also pointed out the benefits of local data storage, referencing the recent undersea cable cut that affected Ghana and other African countries. He suggested that storing data locally could have mitigated the adverse impacts of such incidents.

The partnership has already resulted in the creation of UniCloud Africa, an organization that supports both large enterprises and SMEs, fostering economic growth and digital transformation. Ladi Okuneye, CEO of UniCloud Africa, highlighted the collaboration’s benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to access advanced digital infrastructure at affordable rates. He explained that UniCloud provides a platform for businesses to store and access their data via the cloud, reducing the need for individual institutions to invest heavily in their own servers.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the development of Africa’s digital infrastructure, promising improved data security, performance, and accessibility for businesses across the continent.

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