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Addressing Disunity in the Bono Region Music Industry: Richy Menseida’s Call to Action

Richy Menseida
Richy Menseida

In a recent statement, emerging Ghanaian Hiplife artist Richy Menseida shed light on the pressing issue of disunity within the music industry across the three Bono regions: Bono East, Bono, and Ahafo. Menseida highlighted the detrimental effects of this lack of unity, emphasizing how it hinders progress and stunts the growth of talented individuals striving to make a mark in the industry.

According to Menseida, the industry is plagued by a pervasive attitude of every man for himself, where self-interest takes precedence over collective advancement. He lamented the lack of cohesion among industry stakeholders, from top executives to grassroots musicians, noting that this disunity has contributed to the industry’s stagnation.

Menseida raised an important question: Should aspiring artists in the Bono region be forced to leave their homes in pursuit of success elsewhere? He highlighted the unfortunate reality that many talented individuals feel compelled to seek opportunities outside the region due to the lack of support and infrastructure within the local industry.

One notable example cited by Menseida is Rockie Fela and Gerry Gee’s previous call for unity, which went unanswered by the community. This lack of response, he argues, is indicative of the deep-seated divisions and apathy that pervade the industry. Menseida also pointed out that only a handful of artists have managed to break into the mainstream over the past decade, and even their success was largely independent of any meaningful support from within the region.

In light of these challenges, Menseida’s call to action urges industry stakeholders to prioritize unity and collaboration across the three Bono regions. He emphasizes the need for collective efforts to nurture and promote local talent, rather than relying solely on individual aspirations. By fostering a culture of cooperation and support, Menseida believes that the Bono region music industry can unlock its full potential and pave the way for a new generation of successful artists to emerge.

As the industry grapples with internal divisions and struggles for relevance, Menseida’s message serves as a timely reminder of the importance of solidarity and mutual support. It is only through unified action and a shared commitment to growth and development that the Bono region music industry can thrive and flourish in the years to come.

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