Addressing Ghana’s Institutional Failures

Problems Facing Ghana And The Way Out.


In Ghana, our main impairments are failures of institutions and leaders.

ghana flagHelp me to outline these problems and also provide possible solutions to them. If somebody refuses to think, you must reason for the person, but put it in the form of suggestion “sir, can we do it like this!”

There cannot be a pragmatic politics without thought, in point of fact; political, without or devoid of thought is the politics of madmen.

We have need, and we have want. The question is, in Ghana, do we need schools? Or better still, should we allow private institutions to run all businesses in the country?

It is a long time we monopolize our education. Perhaps, Plato saw the need for education to be controlled by the state. He argued that education should be state-controlled. He further said, education controlled by private individual will not serve its real purpose. Plato insisted that there must be compulsory education in the state.
In Ghana, we have private schools and public schools.

And every year, thousands of people graduate from these private and public schools; democratically, all look forward to be employed by the government. We should not forget that government employment means self-employment! Simply put, if you and l formed the government, then we owe ourselves employment! If you finger government, you finger yourself.

Plato said “The primary objective of education is to turn the eye to the light. In this vain, Plato is inferring that the function of education is not to put knowledge into a person, but to bring out the best things that are latent in the person.

Per the thought “education should be state-controlled; education controlled by private individual will not serve its real purpose,” private institutions that go into education are there for their ‘selfish’ gain. And hence do not follow the formalities of educational provision in the country.

If not they would have charged the same amount as public schools, and also adhere to the cut-off points as stated by public schools.
I do not have problem with private schools; but the owners must do the right thing! Once the institution is for private and hence, private individuals enjoy the benefit, they must equally provide job for the graduates. Here, the principle is, you put up a multistory school, you put up a multistory job for the graduates; and the gain can be plowed back into the country by enlarging both the school and the job.

Nevertheless, private institutions should hammer the nail by its pointed part and give the head to the government to hammer.
They should look at how to improve the technical base of the country other than driving us backward.

In a nutshell, unemployment is remittent corruption at the side of private institutions establishing schools.

Source:  richard domeh

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