Adom Sika Micro-finance Unveils New Website

Adom Sika logo
Adom Sika logo

Adom Sika is a Ghanaian owned and operated microfinance institution, whose mission is to empower women to achieve their financial destiny. They accomplish this by providing quick and easy access to financial products, services and education.


What separates Adom Sika from other MFI?s is their vast network of clients located in rural Ghana, the overwhelming majority of which (90%) are women.


Why women? Women make up half the worlds population, work two thirds of the worlds working hours and only earn 10% of the worlds income. When it comes to tackling poverty, investing in women is effective because they?re twice as likely to spend their earnings on necessities such as clean water, education, healthcare and giving back to their communities.


Most MFI?s operate in densely populated areas like Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. Adom Sika works primarily in rural communities because of the lack of financial services available to them. By decentralizing operation from the major cities, Adom Sika has demonstrated that banking on the poorest of the poor is beneficial to the entire country.


With the launch of their new website and social media presence, Adom Sika is looking to expand awareness while attracting new clients and investors.


As Adom Sika?s COO, Georgette Kusi-Boateng states, ?we want to be the largest MFI in Ghana, reaching all ten regions of the country and touching the lives of the women we serve. We want to see improved standards of living through better healthcare, better education, and increased disposable incomes. We hope to cultivate a culture of savings so individuals can rely on themselves to grow their businesses?.


All of Adom Sika?s microentrepreneurs go through a training session, which covers personal finance management, business management, book-keeping and other skills that are relevant to the region.


This initiative was designed to ensure the success of their clients and their businesses.


Aside from a variety of loans and savings products, Adom Sika is investing in a series of special projects for their clients like: their partnership with the Pink for Africa (a Breast Cancer Foundation), Lifesavers Water filtration systems and a new fund specifically for start-ups.


These projects are in line with their commitment to support not only individual clients but the community at large, you can read more about these projects on their new website.


Adom Sika is changing lives, one microentrepreneur at a time. For more information please visit?


Article by RISE.

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