Adopt healthy living to maintain stable mental health – public urged

mental Illness

Some nurses at the Psychiatric Department of the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital have urged the public to consider making lifestyle changes that could prevent biopolar disorders.

They said avoiding alcohol, drug abuse, and thirty minutes of daily exercise amidst healthy eating were key to minimize the risk factors for the condition.

The nurses told the Ghana News Agency, that scientists were yet to know the exact cause of the condition as the world marked World Bipolar Day under the theme “‘Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow”.

Usually, people with the condition have mood swings and may also suffer depression.

Ms Nelly Mensah, one of the nurses said the condition could disrupt a person’s life significantly, as it hampers day-to-day activities, adding that, “not just the one who suffers the illness, but bipolar condition could also affect mentally those who take care of people with the disorder”.

“Because stress and loss of loved ones can be triggers for bipolar disorder, dealing with the serious issues in your life can decrease your chances of immediate onset.

A counsellor can help you gain perspective and insight, learn coping skills, and practice healthier patterns of thought and behavior”, she said.

Mr. Yusif Mustapha another nurse, stressed the need to raise awareness among the people about what bipolar condition constitute and preventive measures.

He explained that the World Bipolar Day is marked each year to make people understand the implications of this mental health issue and raise awareness about proper guidance and treatment.

For her part, Madam Gertrude Nkrumah mentioned depression as a major form of bipolar disorders and described it as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfered with a person’s everyday activity.

She indicated that a family history of depression or any mood disorder, early childhood trauma and certain medical conditions may put one at a higher risk.

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