Adopting a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder approach to peacebuilding

Diana Oppong Mensah
Diana Oppong Mensah

Ghana’s declining performance on the Global Peace Index as reported is alarming. Here are some objective analysis and suggestions on how the Women’s Network for Peace Ghana could help address this issue.

Firstly, it’s concerning to see Ghana’s ranking drop from 40th place in 2022 to 55th place in 2024 on this influential global Index. This indicates a deterioration in the country’s overall peace and stability, which could have significant implications for its economic and social development, as well as its international reputation.

The Women’s Network for Peace Ghana is well-positioned to play a constructive role in addressing this challenge, especially as Ghana prepares for important elections in December 2024. Some focus areas we would consider:

1. Promoting inclusive national dialogue: Facilitate discussions that bring together diverse stakeholders – political parties, civil society, religious/traditional leaders, youth groups, etc. to collectively identify the root causes of instability and forge consensus on solutions.

2. Strengthening early warning mechanisms: Work with local communities to establish systems that can detect early signs of tension or potential violence, allowing for proactive intervention before situations escalate.

3. Enhancing women’s leadership in peacebuilding: Ensure women’s voices and perspectives are meaningfully included in all peace processes and election-related activities, drawing on their unique insights and roles in maintaining social cohesion.

4. Mobilizing youth as agents of peace: Develop programs that educate and empower young people to be advocates for non-violence, tolerance and responsible citizenship during the electoral period.

5. Leveraging media and technology: Utilize diverse communication channels to disseminate messages promoting peace, democratic principles and civic engagement leading up to the elections.

6. Collaborating with authorities: Work constructively with election management bodies, security forces and other state institutions to strengthen electoral integrity, conflict resolution mechanisms and respect for human rights.

By adopting a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder approach, the Women’s Network for Peace Ghana can help address the underlying drivers of Ghana’s declining peace index ranking and contribute to a more stable, secure and cohesive society ahead of the crucial 2024 elections.

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