Advice for Ghanaians ahead of 2016 election

A Message for Ghanaians on Election 2016


Message for Ghanaians on Election 2016

To all Ghanaians all over the world, and especially those living in Ghana, I salute you. You are all dear to me for the fact of being Ghanaians, irrespective of your political and religious persuasions.

Ghanaians are understandably very obedient and lenient. However, some opportunists among us may be tempted to take our general leniency to be our weakness, if not our stupidity. The fear of abuse of our leniency and hospitality is what we must be aware of, and guide against, during these turbulent months leading on to the conduction of election 2016 which is probably scheduled for 7th November 2016.

Fellow Ghanaians, as prayerful as most of you are, making supplications to God to come to your aid in times of difficulty, are you able to tell when your prayers are answered?

God answers prayers in diverse ways. Some answers come out clearly for all to see. Some answers come out shrouded, only to take the deft person to unravel it. To the daft person, it will be a herculean task deciphering whether or not the answer to his/her supplication to God lies in the seeming puzzle unfolding before their very eyes.

Many a Ghanaian has been suffering unbearable economic or financial hardships in the present day Ghana under the President Mahama/Arthur Amissah NDC-led government. It is only a few people that are enjoying better days under President Mahama’s Ghana. This is undeniable fact, if only Ghanaians will be honest with themselves to tell the truth to shame the devil.

God, today, Friday 3rd June 2016, is revealing to you through this publication that He has answered your supplications to Him about having a better Ghana where corruption will either be minimised or become the thing of the past. The practice of selective justice, abuse of power by those in authority, insatiably selfish pursuit and acquisition of fraudulent wealth will cease because the laws will work to bring about the prevalence of justice and then peace.

How has God answered the prayers of the suffering Ghanaian masses, one may ask? He has given you the chance to live to exercise your franchise during election 2016. It is how intelligently you exercise your vote that you will have had your prayers for liberation from bad governance to a better one answered.

Have you not been suffering under the presidency of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama? Do you or your children have jobs let alone, having decent jobs? Are almost all our new graduates come out of the higher institutions of learning not going without jobs? Is joblessness not conspicuously written across the forehead of many a Ghanaian? Have many people not had their businesses collapsed owing to “dumsor” (erratic power supply or complete power outages)? Is armed robbery not the order of the day to make many Ghanaians feel insecure in their own homes?

Election 2016 is your chance. It is the absolute answer from God to your wailing and yearning for a change for the better to end your current but continuous deplorable conditions of living under President Mahama.

Will you allow an opportunist, to come and feed you with sentimental tribal lies, telling you that you belong to a land demarcation termed “The World Bank” of a particular political party, to get your votes for free? As they come to you saying, for example, the Volta region is the World Bank of the NDC, and you coming from the Volta region get easily persuaded or carried away by that simplistic argument to fall into their snare, then you would not have been able to unravel that shrouded answer from God to you.

While those who tribally play on your sentiments do enjoy, mostly through corruption and illegal amassing of wealth, you the unsuspecting poor Ghanaian continue to suffer the worst form of financial constraints ever seen in the history of Ghana.

You and I, by exercising our God-endowed intelligence and wisdom, without allowing anyone to fool us, will readily realise how God has offered us the chance on a silver platter to liberate ourselves from needless socio-politico-economic sufferings.

Why should Ashanti region become the World Bank of NPP? Have I ever heard anyone say Ashanti region is the World Bank of NPP? No, I only hear them say the stronghold of NPP. Anyway, such terms as the stronghold or World Bank should not be allowed to fool anyone.

My Ghanaian compatriots, please let us vote to effect a change in the governance of Ghana for the better. We must have had enough of the ongoing economic hardship scarily baring its Dracula fangs (teeth) at majority of Ghanaians.

If you find it hard to understand that God has already answered our supplications, and that it is only waiting to physically materialise on 7th November 2016, the Election Day, please come to hear me when I mount electioneering campaign platforms to deliver my messages of hope according as God has granted me permission.

Source: Rockson Adofo

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