Advocates for Christ Ghana call for speedy passage of anti-LGBTQ bill in parliament


Mr Edem Senanu, Chairman of Advocates for Christ Ghana has called on government to speedily pass Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill for good moral values in society.

He said passing of the Bill would inculcate good societal values, ethical principles among the youth and young ones which would help shape the future for a better country.

He made the call at a press conference on March 30, 2023, to bring to the attention of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Leaders and representatives of government to make socio-cultural, medical, and scientific facts paramount on their minds in the passage of the bill.

He said LGBTQ practices could not be called fundamental human rights because it was not essential, vital, inherent, and indispensable for all.

“This posture toward people in same-sex relationship is perversive across age groups, religious affiliations, and urban as well as rural locations”, he said.

He said study’s shows that about 0.5 million people tested by scientists, shows that there was no evidence for gay genes hence what people claim to be inherited genes were unscientific proven ideologies.

“What they are fighting for is a right to be who they have chosen to be”, he added.
He noted that the act would cause public impact such as health, lifestyle, and issue of equality, which would cause more finical constraint to the development of the country.

He said the current neo-colonialist attempt to subjugate and destroy norms, values, culture, and faith, should be called out for what it was, an overt, all-out war on Africans and their way of life.

It is a disrespectful way of saying that western cultures, ways of living and thinking are far superior to ours.
He also called on all African States to unite and reject the gay acts to ensure the preservation of their culture as Africans.

He said: “we do not have fiscal space to cater for many other critical developmental needs therefore, we must not consider sponsoring LGBTQ as a driver for development.

“Advocates for Christ Ghana continues to express its full support and endorsement of the promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family values Bill to be passed”, he said.

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