AFAG Cries Foul; Accused Police Of Hounding Them


Members of the Alliance For Accountable Governance (AFAG) have poured out their hearts on some unfortunate developments within and without the Ghana Police Service and AFAG respectively.


According to the group, it has focused its advocacy on the Electoral Commission of Ghana, saying that ?The first as you may all recall was a press conference dated August 28, 2012 and captioned ?Afari Djan; Rescind Your Decision or Ghanaians Will Speak?.

In a statement issued by AFAG, members averred that, ?Couple of days ago, AFAG again organized yet another press conference with the caption ?Red Revolution Demonstration?.

It however noted that during all these press conferences, AFAG expressed its utmost disgust about the decision of the Dr. Afari Djan led Electoral Commission to create 45 new constituencies and subsequently promised some series of actions to be undertaken by the group.

?Cardinal among these was presentation of petitions to some credible and respectable institutions in the country as well as some selected Embassies and High Commissions in Ghana. The latter was informed by the fact that as a member of the community of nations; Ghana could not be treated as an Island since the entire world stood to suffer in the event of any electoral mishap.? True to our word, we have successfully done so and anyone interested could ascertain the veracity of our claims or otherwise.?

The group also registered its members? displeasure with the Electoral Commission by embarking upon what it dubbed as the ?Red Revolution demonstration? which was slated for Tuesday, 25th to Thursday, 27th of September, 2012.

In line with their intended demonstration, the group said, it had, in accordance with the public order act 491 (1994), on Wednesday, 12th September 2012, duly wrote to the Ghana Police Service to notify them on the up-coming demonstration. This notification included the routes to be used by demonstrators on the day.

However, all that the request of AFAG was duly granted by the Ghana Police Service, and thus, AFAG was cleared to undertake the ?Red Revolution Demonstration on the 25 to 27 September, 2012 using routes agreed upon by the leadership of AFAG and the Police Service. ?We wish to place on record, that as a group the approval of our carefully selected routes gave us a major boost, since the general public whose support we seek to court would have felt the impact of the Red Revolution. This was however never meant to be.?

It continued to state that some days later, the Police Service which had agreed to and approved our routes invited the leadership of AFAG to a meeting only to renege on the agreement reached earlier. ?To demonstrate their seriousness and unpreparedness to guard and protect demonstrators, the police promised to secure an interim injunction to halt the demonstration if we insisted on using the same routes the police had approved only few days back. This is indeed mind boggling.?

AFAG also stated that they do not want to postulate that there are some orders from ?above? dictating the turn of events as far as our demonstration is concerned.

?In view of this development, coupled with our commitment to the tenets of peaceful protests, AFAG in the interest of public good, is forced to announce the postponement for the second time an intended demonstration due to orchestration by the powers that be and ably supported by institutions of state to make room for further engagements.?

AFAG is thus, assuring its members that it remains resolute and would never be perturbed by the orchestrations, frustrations and threats of our detractors.





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