• As Attempts to Nail Prez. Mills to ‘Woyome Scandal’ Hit Rocks

… Mills Is No “Chief Kickback” Collector

Prosper Agbenyega

The recent needless demonstration, “Atta Wayo,” organized by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) paid agents and group, Alliance For Accountable Governance (AFAG) has been described by majority of Ghanaians as “shameless” and a mere attempt by the opposition NPP to contract the group to narrow down the Alfred Woyome scandal to the President, John Evans Atta Mills.

The group in their attempts thought President Mills is the kind of President that will stoop so low as to be receiving “Kickbacks” and huge largesse at the seat of the presidency like former President John Agyekum Kufuor, who set records to that effect.

Indeed, majority of Ghanaians have rubbished the demonstration staged by the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), describing members of the group as an adjunct of the opposition NPP.

The demonstration was in no doubt staged as a propaganda tool for the NPP to retrieve their political credibility and electoral deficiency in the ahead of the General Elections.

The NPP is trying hard to build upon their credibility as the party lacks credible policy alternatives; therefore it is using AFAG to incite Ghanaians against the government in their desperate bid to come back to power.

The people of Ghana can recalled that in 2005, the NPP was caught in heavy corrupt scandal where corrupt deals were reported to have been orchestrated by Former President Kufuor, who was then described as the chief collector of kickbacks, collecting them waa, waa, waa in the Castle by their own party Chairman, Harona Esseku.

The then Chief of Staff Kwadwo Mpiani, was also the only Chief of Staff in the history of this nation on record to have been collecting kick backs (in the castle).

Interestingly, AFAG sought to denigrate the President John Evans Atta Mills putting him at par with their “Chief Kickbacks” collector, Kufuor even though all is clear that the NDC government has a leader whose integrity cannot be questioned.

AFAG which sought to hype the mystery surrounding the payment of GH¢58 million judgment debt to Alfred Woyome, have failed in their quest to abuse the minds of the people of Ghana.

Interestingly, AFAG has forgotten that their Paymasters have penchant for abrogating contracts which will at the end come as a burden to government. In June 2008, Mr. Mpiani was said to have abrogated a contract the Agriculture Ministry awarded to a South African Company, Isophoton, for a more lucrative one, for their parochial interest.

Indeed, Mr. Woyome suffered the same fate because of the selfish and parochial interest of Mr. Mpiani, which has now resulted in the state losing such a huge amount of money.

It is indeed baffling, AFAG which never responded to the litany of accusations of causing financial loss to the state leveled against the NPP officials in the Ghana @ 50 trials, has suddenly discovered its voice in this Woyome tale.

Is it not true that they (AFAG) are obsessed with defending the indefensible and are prepared to sell their souls to cover up acts of dishonesty, even when issues were raised to the effect that President Kufuor, at the Presidency was hijacking and disbursing money collected from contractors for the then ruling party.

In as much as the issue of Woyome is concern, and their Atta Wayo demonstration, the current propaganda strategy developed by the NPP and its surrogates like AFAG, meant nothing but the entrenched culture of lawlessness and recklessness that the party continues to advocate ever since the Mills and Mahama administration came into power, revealing the more, the capricious and diabolical nature with which the Kuffuor administration ruled this country for eight years.

However, what AFAG refused to address at their demonstration was to give answers to the fact that, former President Kuffuor authorize the unilateral termination of the agreement in contravention with the Procurement Act and Osafo Marfo’s advice in his memo to cabinet dated 27th July 2005.

The group also failed to mention that, even though there was an expert advice from the Project consultant, Building Industry Consultants (BIC) and the Ministry of Finance on the validity of Woyome’s claim was totally ignored by the NPP and their Minority in Parliament in their analysis of this issue.

It is however on record that, Woyome’s claims stems from a bid put up by a consortium (Vamed/Waterville) that he was part of in 2005 for the construction of Sports Stadia, six hospital and wellness center and a GAEC cobalt 60 plant for the CAN 2008 Africa cup of nations hosted in Ghana.

Woyome’s consortium bid won the contract for the construction of the above- mentioned projects as per the concurrent approval of their bid by the Central Tender Review Board on 5th August 2005.

Mysteriously, this process was truncated by the erstwhile NPP Administration in a letter dated 22nd August 2005 signed by Honorable Yaw Osafo Marfo, then Minister of Education and sports in contravention with section (65) subsection (4) of the Procurement Act (Act 663) which stipulates that, once the Central Tender Review Board approves a winning tender proposal evaluated by a procurement entity, in this case the Ministry of Education is unconditionally obliged to issue a contract to the winning bidder. Both the procurement entity and the winning bidder are precluded from acting in a manner as to prevent the performance or coming into force of a contract.

Therefore Honorable Osafo Marfo’s letter of 22nd August, 2005 failed to appreciate the crucial fact that the tendering process it purported to abrogate had actually been completed and therefore had no locus under the law to make the attempt he made, and also the grounds of the abrogation of the tendering process due to the “inconclusive and non-assuring nature of the financial submissions” in Woyome’s led consortium bid as stated in Osafo Marfo’s 22nd August 2005 letter was without merit.

It is therefore very sensible to note that Mr. Alfred Abgesi Woyome who available evidence reveals as the arranger or engineer of the financing for the bid at very huge cost to himself and his group deserved compensation of 2% of the arranged money (€1.1 billion) from Bank Austria being the cost of his financial engineering work. Hence the rights to this claim rightfully, legally and legitimately given him by the consortium (Waterville) as per their letter to the Attorney General dated 20th April, 2010.

In the light of this, the leadership of President Mills seems resolute in pushing forward its developmental agenda rather than focusing on awful and unpatriotic characters such as members of AFAG.

It is on record that, the NPP government under the leadership of Ex-President JEA Kufuor had its officials engaged in numerous illegal activities which the people of Ghana were witnesses to. However, these activities by the Kufuor-led men were washed under the carpet with little attention paid to them by groups such as AFAG.

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