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Africa At A Cultural And Spiritual Crossroads


In the introductory remarks at the 2018 end of year national camp meeting service of the Seventh-Day Pentecostal Assemblies Church headquartered at Esreso in Kumasi, dubbed, “Africa at a Cultural and Spiritual Crossroads”, the Head Pastor of the Church, Pastor Enoch Ofori Jnr, intimated that, cosmic forces (” principalities and powers in high places “) had locked horns.

At the event which took place at the Kumasi High School campus at Gyinyase, a suburb of Asokwa Municipality in Kumasi, Pastor Ofori, explained that, there was an upheaval in the global moral spiritual sphere, where humanity was teetering on the brink of moral abyss.

Pastor Ofori Jnr, however quoted Ephesians chapter two verses one to two which states, “And you hath quickened who were dead in trespass and sins. Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of the world, according to the powers the air, the spirit that now worked in the children of disobedience.”

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God , that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, a d having done all, to stand,” according to Ephesians chapter verses twelve and thirteen.

He further indicated that, we had reached a point in ‘our social evolution’ where personal choice without regard for accepted moral values or social norms had become the only legitimate view of life. Adding, “Traditional and Spiritual values no longer apply universally.”

The west which continues to lead the world by the nose as a carry-over from its imperialistic past when it stomped the earth, conquering and creating colonies, has come far in this respect, giving approval to behaviours and lifestyles long held to be deviant.

Thus, through laws passed by their legislative assemblies and rulings handed down by judges, Western governments have legalized ‘same-sex marriage as well as given recognition to transgender among other ‘trans’ groups, all in the name of human and civil rights.

That notwithstanding, Pastor Ofori charged African leaders to forcefully resist all the pressure from the West to accept gayism, bestiality, pedophilia, and the like which are evil and rebellious in the sight of God.

According to him, by the strong demonstration of African leaders with respect to the way they live their lives and their belief in God, will make the people of the West respect the African continent as a peculiar people who exhibits high moral standards of life acceptable unto God.

He explained that, the scripture and historical facts have proven that Africans have been seen to be an ardent believers in the existence of the Most High God who created the universe and mankind.

He therefore underscored the need for Africa as a people to stand on their grounds, not to allow the Western people who are moving away from the belief in God to poison them with any substandard lifestyles.

Adding that, Africans by nature portrays high form of spirituality and closeness to God Almighty and must not compromise that stance for anything come what may.

According to him, “Paganism is re-emerging from the shadows of the Western world that has forgotten God and turned its back on the truth of the Christian faith. Full-sized 3D-printed versions of the Arch of Baal (an ancient Canaanite sun god) have adorned the skylines of New York City, London, Dubai and Washington D.C in recent months, with plans to erect replicas of the arch in many other locations around the world. Not to be upstaged, the satanic temple of the U.S.A on 16th August, 2018, displayed for a few hours, a status of the goat-headed demon Baphomet at the Arkansas State Capital Building at Little Rock.”

“Where does Africa stand in all this? Where do we fit in the global moral cultural war?” Pastor Ofori quizzed.

“For some ‘enlightened’ Africans who are in all probability agnostic (unsure of the existence of God), we ought to do away with the ‘restrictive’ religio-cultural rules of the Bible. After all, they argue, these were impose on us in the colonial era by the West which has of late been pressurizing our governments to remove them from our national laws”

“On the other hand, traditional Africans religionists assert that the direction should be backward, not forward. To move forward in the direction of Western liberalism is to subject ourselves permanently to the cultural imperialism of the West. So backward we should go, go back for the beliefs and practices of traditional African religion bordering on idolatry.”

“In between these two diametrically opposed views of the moral cultural spiritual directions, Africa should take stands as the Bible-believing African Christian. While we will not accept the now godless, loose morality of the West, we will also not side with the African traditionalists. We represent an entirely different civilization, not of this world but of heaven”

“But curiously, I believe in going back, going further and further back to where it all began. It is a command of scripture to obey; ‘Stand at the crossroads and ask about the ancient path, ‘Which one is the good way?’ Take it, and you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘we will not take it'” according to Jeremiah chapter six verses sixteen (CJB).

Pastor Enoch Ofori, further elaborated that, the Black Africans’ presence in the Bible is as old as the creation story of the Bible itself. This he said was where everything came into a full circle, where the search began and ended.

He noted that, the African moral and spiritual perspective of life was largely shaped by the values of the Hebrew God of the Bible. “He is the I AM, and the I AM in Akan idiom is likened to the thumb without which no knot can be tied. Simply put, it is impossible to eliminate God from the African psyche,” he emphasized.

On the backdrop of this, Pastor Ofori, introduced a new book he had written entitled, “Africa, The Bible And The Neo-Paganism Of The West” which explains the true origin of Africans, where Biblical personalities were dark-skinned people. He noted, the book was for free and not to be sold, thus one could get a free copy by reaching him via 0244235015, info@asdpagh.com, www.enochevangelism.org.

He seized the opportunity to laud the NPP government for its bold declaration of a Ghana beyond aid, which he said could be the only way the country could emancipate itself from the hands of the Westerners who are bent on using aid to subject poor countries to all manner of despicable behaviors.

Pastor Enoch Ofori Jnr, however, urged the youth to embrace God at this early stage of their lives and use their strengths in ventures that will help them build a better future for themselves and the society they live in, especially, when the spat of cyber-crimes, occultism, robbery, sakawa and other immoral social vices are on the rise.

“Eschew all evil manners and serve God while you have strength,” he reiterated.

He wished the country a happy new year into 2019, and urged Ghanaians to work hard for it was through hard work that God could bless the work of their hands in order to make them successful in life.

To grace the occasion were, Nana Owusu Afriyie – Jachie Prenyaase, Nana Agya Kyere – Jachie Prenyaase, Agya Badu Amankwaa – Jachie Prenyaase, Osempakani Awurade Akoa Adu-Acheampong – Feyiase and many others.

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