Africa must unite!


wpid-africa-map.jpgThe late President Kwame Nkrumah saw the strategic vision behind African?s unity and the benefits for its people.? Great idea.?? However the late President Kwame Nkrumah failed Ghana by not allowing this vision, and mission to materialise before benchmark Ghana to be the beacon for other African nations to emulate.? Nkrumah was somehow rather busy giving Ghana?s rich resource to any country that was trying to be independent. In so doing Kwame Nkrumah failed Ghana miserably and the rest of African with this huge expectation of freedom and liberty.

I quote an article from ghanaweb 27/5/13 which reported that President Mahama warned African leaders to wean itself from Western donors during golden jubilee anniversary summit which he is partaking in some bilateral and consultative meetings. Is it not shameful that Africans are still begging for loans and aids from the developed countries.

Why?? What is the root problem of the begging is going on after 56yrs of so-called independence?? Why did we break off in the first place?? Ghana was feeling too grown when she was just crawling but wanted to run.? Was the timing right??? Yet some African leaders are not ashamed to be begging for more funds. Come on!

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