Zambian experts have urged African countries to intensify efforts aimed at advancing the use of modern technology if the continent is to fully realize its potential.

The experts who spoke in separate interviews said a lack of adequate investments in technology and natural science based fields has kept many countries on the continent from realizing their economic potential.

Stephen Manchinshi a bio-scientist told Xinhua in an interview Sunday that Africa would do well to focus more on initiatives that serve to bring about technology transfer.

Manchinshi further implored developing countries to take a leaf from China and Israel, which according to him are classic examples of how deliberate efforts to invest in technological advancements can turn around economic fortunes of a country.

“The economies of countries like China and Israel are thriving because of massive investments in technology and natural science based fields. Technological advancements are playing a key role the vibrancy these economies,” he asserted.

And, economist Misheck Mwanza said research centers in a number of developing countries continue to operate below par because they lack even basic equipment and financial resources.

“Some research centers which are a key component of economic development do not even have simple things like test tubes. The human capital is there in abundance but the means to carry out research are almost none existent,” Mwanza said.

He further stated technology is the driver of development and that developing countries risk remaining underdeveloped if they do not adequately invest in technological advancements. Enditem


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