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Africa is making steady progress in terms of growth and development but that has often been overshadowed by the negative reports about the continent, a media specialist said on Saturday.

A Zambian writers’ body has argued that Africa can only develop and realize its potential if its inhabitants fully appreciate its worth and begin to highlight inspiring stories. Brenda Nglazi Zulu who specializes in reporting and conducting training in Information Communication Technologies (ICTS) told Xinhua in an interview that the media in Africa has for a long time been giving a lot of space to negative things about the continent leaving out much of the good and the great opportunities that Africa has to offer.

Zulu cited the great potential and opportunities that Africa has to offer in terms of investments in technology and industrial development stating that these are the aspects that need attention and worth focusing on as they can help propel the continent to greater heights. “True, there are stories and incidents in Africa that make sad reading and such as hunger, disease and corruption which should be brought out with the aim of finding lasting solutions. However, dwelling too much on such can only lead to desensitization. I think there is need to strike a balance. We also have a lot of innovative projects going on which have not received that much attention,” Zulu said.

According to her, latest innovations and projects particularly by young people who are driving change on the continent should be given the space on communication platforms.Zambia Women Writers Association said Africa’s sad and depressing narrative can only change if its people appreciated the fact that the continent deserves a better and more positive image. “We need to work towards highlighting good things about Africa so as to counter that depressing image about the continent. There is a lot of growth and economic opportunities that beg our attention,” said association president Agnes Nyendwa.


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