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African Perspective on Brittney Griner’s Detention and Release


Lessons Around Brittney Griner’s Prisoner swap

Events are often a big test beyond those who are directly involved, and the Brittney Griner’s ordeal reveals the character of millions or billions of people, from thoughts, words, and even actions. Politicians, media folks, gender and other groups, and individuals argued differently, from purpose, intensity, how, and even when each spoke. Van Jones of CNN credits u.s black women most as the main push to get politicians care or care more? The hypocrisy in u.s laws, politicians, mainstream media , and beyond often shows how groups tend to fight for each other in the west , but Africans in Africa are very different, from individuals to the states. How often you hear African media raise a case for wrongly detained or killed African abroad or An African state helped release an African victim? Tolerance has a lot to do with love and love means efforts than wishes. People can over tolerate, but that hardly happens; humans tend to under tolerate until their family member of some sort is affected. And there are those that does not tolerate even family members or even give them their dues.

I am relatively happy for her arrest, but happier for her release, and still wondering if enough lessons were learnt. As a person who calls for worldwide marijuana legalisation, every released marijuana prisoner is a victory, but until everyone is released we have work to do. Considering thousands of Americans are still arrested every month over cannabis, the release of one American is a test. I called on Griner and her supporters to understand activists helped her get legal medical marijuana from resisting politicians like Biden and others. The team that ‘tirelessly’ worked for her release are waiting for black women who indifferently watch mainly males still arrested over cannabis in and beyond the u.s? we must speak up for all and donate time and money to permanently release the poor marijuana prisoners who may never get media coverage for release. It is vital to call for at least worldwide medical marijuana legalisation with or without W.H.O, and release the facts for even recreational usage. The evil politicians like Nixon went worldwide against cannabis, Biden wants worldwide LGBTQ legalisation, but when and which u.s politicians and other elites want or urge for worldwide marijuana legalisation? Griner, LeBron James, and others should physically or mentally visit Gambian or xyz jails and prisons to contrast how many are arrested daily over cannabis versus LGBTQ, and honestly ask which group deserves rescue priority?

Legality versus wrongful detention: Brittney was legally detained, but wrongly detained. When another u.s athlete was denied competition over cannabis, Biden focused on legality with indifference instead of trying to adjust the wrong marijuana laws he co-created in u.s and others copied, perhaps including Russia. Since Russia and u.s are at odds over many things and home pressure is the main reason why Biden cares about her release, as u.s family member.

Whites and the western world tolerate family shortcomings than blacks and Africans. History taught us how u.s alcohol prohibition affected mainly whites, and they quickly learn tolerance is vital and fought for legalisation. Portugal had only one percent of their mainly white population on drugs and decided to try decriminalising all drugs, try alternative measures of treatment instead of punishment. America had way more than five percent of its population on cannabis, but the victims were mainly blacks and males, and some groups seem to matter more. As much as I pity for black Americans, black Africans have proven to have huge disregard for many minorities and will ignore even the personal rights of over ten percent of marijuana users in average African country? Contrast the one percent of Portugal and what percentage means action in Africa? Earthly Karma may hunt blacks as minority in u.s , Europe, or Russia; but what will the Angels do to Africans who oppress minorities in Africa or whites+ who are similarly guilty?

When Biden and others claimed hard punishment is the remedy to good or questionable marijuana, God heard them to cause or allow Hunter Biden on crack or xyz as test? Since he is blood family, Biden quickly realises care is smarter than hard punishment for Hunter Biden. He still supported hard punishment for other Americans on Cannabis, including work denial, but helped Hunter with work or unjust work. My blood African brother did not wish me prison, deny me working opportunities over cannabis and may blame me for trying to change bad and intolerant laws in and beyond u.s. Beyond blood family, Biden sees national family and thus may have actually preferred Paul Whelan over Brittney Griner? Or am I guilty of wrong assumptions? If Paul is a true spy, you should want your direct worker out first; if he is not a spy, then you have even higher responsibility to rescue him and stop spying or hurting my type over simple differences. Plus pay us restitution.

Russia is not Africa: Arm dealer versus ‘drug user’ amplified as ‘drug dealer’ in a swap is politically interesting, and more justified than releasing an alleged spy, or Paul Whelan. The u.s arm dealers sending weapons to Haiti or xyz are relatively safe or how many were ever arrested and lightly sentenced? If one of your sons is caught selling arms illegally in and beyond the u.s, you may not lose your house as some cannabis users did in u.s until we are still fighting beyond u.s. So the alleged Russian arm dealer may be seen as competitor than sincere care about arms in the wrong hands. Whenever u.s arms indifferently kill outside America, A just God should allow mass shooting in the u.s against those who value American lives above African lives? How or why should this cycle be just, or who can justify the poor nine year old in u.s schools beliefs in nationalism and classified information against non American victims is to be honored? When the devil says tribalism or racism, Whites were preferred; when the devil says sexism, honoring females means gambling males ; when the devil says nationalism or national interest over conscience, how many black Americans and each gender that claimed to be victim went along?

According to Van Jones of CNN, black women claimed if it was rich LeBron James, u.s would have acted better or sooner? Meaning gender, not race, matters more in u.s care? Well, some of you saw her as husband, or you mean if it was the wife in trouble, u.s would have acted even worse? My guess: White woman calling 911 versus black woman is race; white woman versus white man is gender; white woman versus LGBTQ woman-man is what? A gay black man versus polygamy is jail for who in u.s? We simply lack consistency. This is precisely why Republicans will argue one thing as family and complete different thing against Democrats, and of course Democrats do similar. Home family, Party family, country family, ally family, etc must learn consistency and human family or Earthly family, including animals. When the white House spares two turkeys and urge or encourage the killing of millions of Turkeys, then we need new form of thanksgiving call maths and fasting from animals. A day, week, month, or xyz to spare animals can only be an urge, but the efforts for a worldwide futuristic vegan fast food may help us than going back to the moon or looking for another planet to live rightly or to destroy?

Women are by lot more tolerated in the west, and that includes how LGBTQ got legalised when women became lesbians lot more. The anti gay laws in the west was primarily written against men in language, because plastic battery-dick were not invented and fingers do little. Human inventions and women sexual greed and sexual arrogance towards men are why the west embrace LGBTQ more than gays days. I do not condone jailing or killing LGBTQ, but I think it is a serious disposition that warrants advise and for God to change , forgive, or punish. Worse than LGBTQ is denying people to express their opinions about LGBTQ and other issues. Griner is openly Lesbian to go to Russia without fear of trap, but which u.s marijuana activist dares go to Russia or Saudi Arabia for even medical cannabis? We should write from a distance, engage politicians publicly, and help local activists in every country towards worldwide marijuana legalisation and I care very little if miss Argentina and Puerto Rico sleep with me, with or without marijuana. But please don’t accuse me of hitting a woman instead of man if Pete Bouttigeg touched me inappropriately? I suspect I am guilty or why do I tolerate lesbians than gays, even though Griner says no man should touch her and she can take a woman from men? Griner is man in bed, enjoying the sweet sexual cries of women; then she claims to be woman to beat other women in the basketball hall; then when sweet service come , I should let her and her partner on ‘ladies first’ culture; when they fight, u.s law and statistics write male violence against female; when hard service like military draft come or she should go to jail, which gender can she claim?

I know the main issue was marijuana, but how many of you brought her LGBTQ as concern in Russia, that Russians prisons are worse than u.s and African jails were mainly men suffer? If her passport says male and
Russians put her with males would have trigger what? How many of you said race in right or wrong way, gender and nationality all were secondary. Every country fought against marijuana and thanks to mainly u.s, so I think good Americans owe the world a rescue than worldwide exporting of u.s hemp products and chanting God bless America with money than consistent morals? May God bless the world lot more, not just America or the west. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

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