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African-Refugees Stranded in Hamburg


RefugeesThere is an African adage that says. ?A toad does not run in the day without predator chasing after it” The number of Stranded African Refugees in Hamburg and other parts of Germany is mind-boggling, and a classic example of something gone wrongs somewhere.

Truly, something was after these refugees. A thing bigger and monster like chased them away?from their comfort zone, they escaped death by the whisker but still, it got them injured somehow. Crushed their hope and aspiration-That was why they scattered all over Europe wandering about and looking for just shelters to put theirs heads, even if worst than where they lived before in the small oil rich Arab “albeit” geographically African country.

A land formerly inhabited by different tribes, governed by an ex-Colonel many of these stranded refugees once regarded as their master and Saviour. That was before he the master was brutally crushed to death by the some allies-who now refuses to find a lasting solution to settle the people their actions affected most.

Suffice to say, before the former regime in Libya was ousted and the subsequently killing of Maummar Gaddafi August, 2011. by combined forces led by NATO allied forces.Libya used to be a beehive of black African immigrants with majority working and earning good money from the oil rich country. A land some of the refugees stranded in Hamburg now vowed to return back, if the security situation were to be improved and stable as it used to be,before the monster bomb began to rain down.

Muammar Gaddafi, though, a brutal dictator and an autocratic who held power swayed for more than 40yrs in Libya was known for his magnanimity and Pan Africanism United Arab views. He had many times in the past provided financial assistance to many of his neighbouring poor African states i.e. Niger-Republic others. During his regime, He not only allowed immigrants but equally encouraged black Africans immigrants from other African countries to come and work in Libya unlike what is known in other oil rich gulf states.

Nonetheless, it wouldn?t be an overstatement to say since the fall of that regime Africa continent has suffered much lost, In terms of displaced immigrants to economic hardship and a dying prospect of united African perspective. Let it be known from that time till date, Close to 40 thousand Africans immigrant dependent on Libya economy that time had been displaced, misplaced and scattered all over the Europe with attendant consequences of illegal imprisonment, Death in the high sea and misplacement of identities.

However with the refugees crises looming in Hamburg without an end in site, one tend to ask what actually are the SPD Government waiting before deciding on what to do with these suffering people who deplorably has been living conspicuously outside in the space for few months. Although it seems the dimension of the crises has changed from Humanitarian to EU politics, otherwise quite unlike Germany the impasse has lasted more than expected.

So far there has been allot of speculation as to what the authorities in Hamburg intend doing, some are of the opinion they are not happy given the fact and revelation that Italian authorities granted the refugees resident permits, induced them with ?500 each and asked them to travel to other European countries hence their financial and economic hardship.

The trajectory of the crises is that Italy and Germany are both members of the European Union. Facts is, resident permit issued in one EU countries can only be allowed a 3 month stay in another EU country but cannot be allowed a working permit according to the EU laws which recognises refugee point of entry as a place to settle first,Unless where EU citizenship applies.

Based on that, the Germany Government has therefore legitimately refused the stranded African refugees a working permit thereby rendering their over stay in Germany territory void. Even that, they the refugees understands their chances to live and work in Germany are slim, Reports had it they are putting up resistance to go back to Italy.

As the debate and discussion on how what to handle their plight rages on, some critical questions are begging for answers like; Should they refused to go back to Italy, What happens next ? Will they be deported?. And if such decision are considered by German authorities, where will they be deported, to-Italy or Libya? What about the resident permit they are holding? Is that a pointer EU state has ran into political murky water of blame games as supposed to strict compliance to their treaty?

In the next weeks, month or so,All eyes will be on Germany and the rest of EU states to provide a lasting solution to the Libya-African Refugees Crises in Europe which regrettably came about as a result NATO & US unilateral decision to topple Gaddafi?s Government without putting adequate mechanism in place to accommodate the inevitable casualty of regime change.

The world is patiently watching and hoping the consequences of the crises created in time, could be amended on time before it?s too late.

Source: Adams Kennedy Chidi

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