African growth

By Newton Flomo 

Africa is the second largest continent and the only continent that spends both the north and the southern hemisphere. African need to apply the tradition & culture of Africa.

Settled and looted for more than 300 years, Africa is a rich and different place. Africa has over 50 independent countries and accounts for about 15% of the world population. That translates to over 1.2 million peoples.


Now, while it is easy to talk about ‘African people’ the truth is that within these 54 separate the unique countries, there are in fact over 3000 diverse tribes.


Six African tribes with traditional African Cultures:  Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania, Himba of Northwest Namibia, Zulu of South Africa, Bushman San or Khosisan, of Southern Africa, Southern Ndebele tribe of South Africa, Samburu of Northern Kenya.


Amongst the most famous Maasai traditions are the jumping dance, the wearing of colorful Shuka, spitting, and drinking of blood.  Accompanied by songs, pairs of men take turn to see who can jump the highest. 


 The vibrant colored cloth wom by the Maasai is known as Shuka.  Red is considered to be a sacred color and represents blood and is the basic color for all Shuka. 


The Himba of northwest Namibia, Population is about 50,000. Kunene region of northwest Namibia is home to a resilient people called the Himba . hunter- gatherers and pastoralists, the Himba descend from the southward migrating Herero of Angola.


The Himba are a nomadic African tribe and traditionally travel from waterhole to waterhole treatment their cattle and goats. Interestingly, the traditional clan structure of the Himba is bilateral- evident in only a handful or traditional peoples around the world. 


In the southwestern Congo, the Suku tribe honors ancestors and elders, when they die, with a ceremony held in the clearing of a forest here, gifts and offerings and brought, but outsiders and all woman are forbidden to attend.


Sons are raised by their uncle, when male children reach age 5 and 6 in the Northern Angolan Songo tribe, they are send to live with their uncles on their mother’s side . This is because chiefs receive their position through matrilineal lines.


Agree with your common-sense response to these various cultural traditions. Most traditions when colonizers fight against it, it causes other to learn about some of these traditions.  


There are many traditions of the old countries way that came with immigration but has been transformed into a negative behavior because we are forgot ourselves may have come from these regions that are being judged without knowledge or understanding of the “why’ it’s done their away.


African Traditional cloture is interesting and should be respected by all. The attempt to end bad beyond measure. Because once it is ended, how then do we recognize ourselves? The thinking behind our culture is what makes us be today.


We as African should raise our flags. Our cultures are suppressed today as such we have a numerous headless Africans because of confusion. Character is important. African Traditional culture should be valued as much as the Western value theirs to the extent of forcing it down our throats 


We follow every step of culture like others. Why must we forget ourselves? Fatalistic cultural activities have been experienced in some part of Africa, please observe it


Source: Newton Flomo

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