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African Youths Deserve A Commonwealth Program From African Leaders

Amb Dwomoh Doyen Benjamin Executive Director Accp
Amb Dwomoh Doyen Benjamin Executive Director Accp

The sun sets on yet another generation of African youth, their dreams fading with the dwindling light. Unemployment gnaws at their future, their talents and potential choked by a system skewed towards disparity. We stand at a crossroads, the cries of frustration growing louder, the tide of migration rising faster. The time for action is now, and the solution lies in a powerful, pan-African initiative: the Young African Commonwealth Program.

The vast discrepancy in resource sharing in Africa whispers a painful truth: Africa’s wealth isn’t reaching its most valuable asset – its youth. Leaders must shift from pronouncements to tangible solutions, bridging the chasm between promise and reality. I’ve spoken to countless young Africans, their eyes clouded with despair, their hope hanging by a thread. Many choose perilous journeys, crossing deserts and risking their lives, not for adventure, but for a glimmer of opportunity abroad.

We urge the African Union (AU) and regional bodies to step up as champions, igniting a program with a bold ambition: creating at least five young African millionaires every year. This program transcends borders, uniting the continent under a banner of empowerment. Imagine the wisdom and experience of established African billionaires and millionaires, not just as wealthy figures, but as mentors and guides. Imagine their networks and knowledge igniting entrepreneurial flames in countless young minds. This isn’t just about wealth creation; it’s about building a future where every young African feels seen, valued, and equipped to contribute.

Leaders across Africa must be held accountable for every single citizen. The obscene disparity in wealth distribution cannot stand any longer. The African Commonwealth Program must be the catalyst for change, ensuring no African is left behind. Let it be the cornerstone of the African Union Agenda 2063, capturing the hearts and minds of young Africans, and equipping them with the right mindset, skills, and positive attitude to lead the next phase of African development. An empowered youth isn’t just a workforce; it’s a force for progress, reducing unemployment, crime, and the desperation that fuels illegal migration.

Amb Dwomoh Doyen Benjamin Executive Director Of Accp
Amb Dwomoh Doyen Benjamin Executive Director Of Accp

The West, facing the brunt of this migration, can also be a key partner. By collaborating with African nations, we can stem the tide at its source, fostering opportunity and hope within the continent itself.

But let’s not stop there. Imagine if every bank in Africa identified one young entrepreneur each year, investing in them to create jobs for others. Imagine audit and accounting firms volunteering their expertise, nurturing these ventures until they thrive. Imagine the greater African population being motivated to consume made in Africa. The African Commonwealth Program shouldn’t be a single entity; it should be a spark, igniting a continent-wide movement. Let it encourage every African to uplift their neighbor, to build a collective ladder of prosperity.

The African Union must mandate action, requiring leaders to create programs aligned with the African Commonwealth vision, and demanding measurable yearly reports on their progress. This isn’t charity; it’s an investment in a shared future.

The time for lamentation is over. The future of Africa beckons, its vibrancy dependent on the well-being of its youth. Let us join hands, leaders and citizens alike, to make the African Commonwealth Program a reality. Let us unleash the untapped potential of Africa’s youth, and together, build a future where every African thrives.

This is not just a program; it’s a call to action. A call for audacity, unity, and a shared belief in the boundless potential of young Africans. Let the fire ignite, let hope rise, and let us, together, build the Africa we all dream of.

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