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Ahead of Republic of South Sudan Investment Summit


Country Wide Investment (CWI) events division are pleased to announce the forthcoming Republic of South Sudan Investment Summit (SSI). This ground breaking event will be the first of its kind to be held in Juba, South Sudan. With the event in Juba, the Government of South Sudan and its ministries will be in a position to send a strong delegation. In addition, the South Sudan Investment Authority (SSIA), the South Sudan Business Forum (SSBF) & various international aid & donor agencies such as USAID, UNMISS & UNAMID will be able to send delegations headed by senior decisions makers. SSI will bring together forward thinking, international best of breed investors to meet with ministers, their chiefs of staff and the chief procurement officials from their departments and the respective NGO’s.

On July 9th 2011 the world’s newest nation state was born. The Republic of South Sudan (RSS) is the 193rd member of the United Nations and the 54th member of the African Union. Over 80 countries where officially represented at The Independence Day celebration.Juba, the official capital of the Republic of South Sudan, is one of the booming cities in the region. It is growing quickly with the influx of professional expats returning to their homeland from countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Holland and the rest of Europe. They bring with them their skills and know how.South Sudan has a requirement to develop its infrastructure: road networks, housing, banking, civil services, insurance, schools and other amenities are all critical. There is a huge opportunity for the donor community, the government, and above all, commercial investors to help in this development.The country has an unquenchable thirst for investment in hospitality, road and structural construction, housing, telecommunication, water purification, pharmaceutical plants, warehousing, and electric power generation sectors.Other sectors of the economy are also screaming out for investment. These include: Livestock husbandry and cattle rearing, manufacturing, transport and communication (airports, rail networks, etc), fisheries, energy (especially alternative sources of power), mining (oil, gas, and other minerals), education and tourism.With so many people returning to South Sudan and the arrival of investors travelling to the country additional load has been placed on key sectors which are now also in need of development and these opportunities comprise of; Risk management and mitigation; Border control & critical infrastructure protection; EODT & EOD; Transport & Logistics; Security & Peacekeeping; ICT & Telecommunication; Water & Sanitation and Infrastructural development.The Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GOSS) is looking to the international business community to take up these opportunities and help them meet the challenges that lay ahead. To help facilitate the need for rapid change GOSS has put into place the necessary procedures and systems within its ministries and commissions.With this in mind CWI are inviting the relevant GOSS ministries, AFRICOM international donor agencies and their procurement officials to attend the SSI which is due to be held in the centre of Juba.There will be keynote presentations and plenary sessions in the mornings where experts will share their knowledge about key areas.The afternoons are dedicated to networking, with senior representatives from GOSS, leading trade bodies, international donor agencies and NGOs. These pre-arranged one to one meetings will be held in a private meeting space.We will also assist you in maximizing your networking opportunities with other senior executives of the many international and local companies in attendance.This is a highly effective summit model which has produced many joint ventures and production agreements.Do you have a story or an article to publish? Please email us to submit@in2eastafrica.net.

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