AI: Africa’s Key to Software Industry Success, Says Chenosis CEO at MTN Forum

Saad Syed
Saad Syed

In a bid to improve Africa’s software industry, Saad Syed, CEO of Chenosis, revealed startling statistics highlighting the continent’s software developer deficit.

While Africa boasts 700,000 developers catering to its technological needs, the US surges ahead with a staggering 2.4 million developers serving the nation.

Saad Syed, who made this known during the MTN CTIO Roundtable Africa Forum in Accra, underscored the critical need for Africa to establish a robust software industry, identifying it as the only continent lacking such a sector.

Chenosis, he emphasized, is committed to amplifying Africa’s contribution to the software realm, leveraging advanced AI technology.

“AI is the cornerstone of our current technological landscape,” Syed remarked, underscoring the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

He expressed admiration for Africa’s willingness to embrace experimentation, recognizing it as a pivotal driver of innovation.

Highlighting Chenosis’ approach, Syed detailed how AI complements data and API competencies, envisioning Africa as a global powerhouse in technological innovation.

He emphasized the significance of equipping the younger generation with the skills to develop solutions not only for local challenges but also for global impact.

Amidst these advancements, MTN’s APIs emerge as catalysts for transformative outcomes across various sectors, offering consumable value to businesses seeking to enhance operations and scale their endeavors.

Senior Manager of Enterprise Marketing and Portfolio Management at MTN  Ghana,  Benedict Bentil said the company is on a mission to revolutionize how businesses operate.

“At MTN Ghana, we want to help businesses succeed. Our goal is to provide solutions that enable businesses to run their operations better, smoother, and more efficiently than ever before,” Bentil stated emphatically.

Elaborating on Chenosis’ unified communication suite, emphasized the platform’s capacity to provide end-to-end Unicom solutions, promising enhanced connectivity and efficiency.

The Hatchery and Coral Reef Innovation Hub, Richard Osei Anim also delved into the nuanced relationship between innovation and automation.

He stressed the need for individuals to adapt to the evolving job market dynamics brought about by AI-driven disruptions.

Echoing Anim’s sentiments, Richard Nunekpeku of Sustineri Attorneys and Vice President of the Ghana Fintech and Payment Association, emphasized the importance of viewing AI as a strategic tool tailored to individual business needs.

He highlighted the necessity of ethical and cost-effective AI adoption, emphasizing collaboration and integration as pathways to comprehensive solutions.

As Africa embraces the AI revolution, stakeholders like Chenosis and MTN are poised to drive innovation, transform industries, and propel the continent onto the global stage of technological prowess.

Co-founder and CEO of Jetstream Africa Miishe Dede Addy, an expert in logistics and technology, made significant observations regarding the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the logistics sector.

Drawing a parallel between AI and cryptocurrency, Addy asserted that “Gen AI is to logistics what cryptocurrency is to fintech.

“There are not enough digitized data in this continent to train these models,” Addy noted, emphasizing the critical importance of accessible and comprehensive data sets for training AI algorithms.

Addy’s remarks underscore the urgent need for African nations to prioritize digital transformation initiatives and invest in data infrastructure to unlock the full potential of AI in logistics and other sectors.

As the continent grapples with these challenges, experts like Miishe Dede Addy continue to advocate for innovative solutions to propel Africa’s technological advancement forward.

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