Airport Residential Area Residents Take A Health Walk


Integrity Magazine/Krif Media Limited in collaboration with Marriot hotel, Healthnet Airport Medical Centre and C & J Hospital, organised its premier health walk dubbed “Get a second opinion”.

The walk, which drew participants from residents and officers within the Airport Residential Area, sought to improve upon the fitness and health of the participants and also served as a great opportunity for families and residents to meet, interact and network.

The 6.65 kilometre walk commenced from the Marriott hotel, Airport City, all through to Lands Commission, Gold House, the Jack and Jill school, Liebherr Junction, Airport View Hotel, Airport Roundabout and ended at the Marriot Hotel in approximately two hours.

Participants were taken through an aerobic session after which a team of medical personnel from Healthnet Airport Medical Centre and C & J Hospital screened and advised participants on health related issues.

The screening included blood pressure, body mass index, testing blood sugar and Hepatitis B among others.

Rev Kennedy Okosun, Editor-In-Chief of Integrity Magazine said, it would organise monthly health walks in various residential areas, not only to create awareness about the magazine, but also to ensure that its target audience benefits from events slated to ensure their wellness.

“We therefore encourage the general public to participate in health walks such as this as it seeks to enhance our fitness and health needs,” he said.

Grace Acheampong, Director of Human Resources Marriott hotel said her outfit were proud to partner the organisers in the walk because the purpose of the walk was in line with their community project dubbed “community 360 project.”

She said institutions must encourage healthy lifestyle among their staffs to ensure high productivity at work.

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  1. Krif Ghana is merely a Big Fraud and a Slave Camp. Check this link:

    Krif Ghana Hot At Labour Commission  
    Kwasi Frimpong 

    Krif Ghana has been warned by the Ghana Labour Commission that decision may be entered against it if it continues to ignore invitations to appear before the Commission in a pending matter over its labourpolicies and practices. Krif Ghana’s former internal auditor had taken the company to the Commission on allegations of harassment, failure to pay arrears of leave bonuses, failure to pay for over-time, and deliberate non-payment of two months’ salaries. “The invitation is in accordance with Section 139 of the Labour Act 2003, Act 651.

    Please, note that under the Regulation 7 (2) of the National Labour Commission Regulations 2006 (LI 1822), the Commission may be compelled to determine the matter if you fail to attend the hearing,” a letter to Krif Ghana, signed by the Commission’s director of industrial relations Martin Didemudo, said.

    The petitioner, Nimbatara Suondima Benjamin averred that he worked for Krif Ghana from April 7, 2014 to May 15, 2018. “For the first three years of my employment with Krif Ghana Limited, I have never utilised all my 14-day annual leave. I factored the 2018 leave in my resignation. My former employer, Krif Ghana Limited, has (also) not paid me my salaries for April and May 2018,’’ Nimbatara said.

    He is asking the Commission to grant his plea for reliefs from Krif Ghana Limited in the sum of GHC104, 994.36 being his March and April 2018 unpaid salaries, unutilized leave for 2016 and 2017, and overtime payment from 2014 to 2018 plus accruing interest thereof.

    He is also seeking a refund of deductions in respect of “loss of tablets plus interest; off-days taken on Saturdays at current salary rate; suspension without pay at current salary rate; re-payment for loss of company vehicle’s battery at current salary rate; payment for work on a public holiday at current salary rate; and, unpaid bonus for additional responsibility for Takoradi shop plus interest”. The Commission, at an earlier sitting, had initially awarded Mr. Nimbatara GHC15, 748. 46, but payment of which Krif Ghana is still in default of.

    Interestingly, checks reveal that several recruitment agencies have blacklisted Krif Ghana over the company’s treatment of candidates recruited by such agencies for the company. Krif Ghana Limited, importers of money counting machines and office equipment, is owned by Mr. Kennedy Okosun, a pastor of the Action Chapel International, ACI, Accra, Ghana. Mr. Okosun, a Nigerian, is also the executive chairman as well as human resource manager of the company, while his wife, Susan Okosun, is the executive director.

    The company, ironically, has no board, however, leaving the employees at the utter mercy of the husband-and-wife management team who have honed the strategy of using high-media visibility and the veil of religion to hide the systematic labour camp practices going on at the company.

    Sources describe the abuse of rights of workers by owners of Krif Ghana Limited as a ‘rampant and ongoing phenomenon that has gone on for far too long’, and one that has been made worse by the owner’s strict forbearance of the company’s employees from unionizing. Staffs are said to compulsorily work a minimum 10-hour daily work schedule, Monday-to-Saturday every week for below-industry-standard salaries.

    In addition, they are not only secretly monitored electronically without either their knowledge or consent, but also often summarily sacked and dismissed, sometimes on trumped-up charges and for the flimsiest of reasons. Such hapless workers are then also subtly criminalized by the company publishing disclaimers about them, complete with their photos, in some Ghanaian newspapers. Despite not having health insurance or retainer hospitals for staff, the company still glosses over sanitary conditions at its offices.

    For instance, the workforce of over 40 at the company’s Adabraka, Accra head office are forced to make do with just two dirty toilets, while the executive chairman, Mr. Okosun, and his wife who is the company’s executive director, each has separate state-of-the-art ensuite toilets in their respective offices for their private use.

    A truck driver at the company lamented how he was often sent on delivery assignments for the company outside Accra, to places as far away as Kumasi and Takoradi; and, for which he was normally given just GHC5 to cover payment of tolls on the road, feeding and other exigencies to and fro the journeys that normally last from morning to night of a whole day. But impervious to the pitiable state of the workers, however, the executive chairman of the company and members of his family still routinely enjoy multiple 90-day vacations every year outside Ghana at rented luxury hotel apartments in the United States and Europe, according to documentary evidence.

    On one such vacation at the Hyatt House Hotel at Mount Laurel, New Jersey, the United States last year, the executive chairman of the company and members of his family spent a whopping US$45, 900 for rent alone on their hotel apartment, at US$510 per night, said sources at the hotel who asked not be named because they are not permitted to speak on the matter.

    The ongoing case against Krif Ghana at the Labour Commission, said our sources who asked not to be named in print, may just be the trigger that many other staff of the company with similar experience need to speak out, or to commence similar actions.

    In 2018, Okosun suddenly veered into publishing with a publication called Integrity Magazine, which highly reliable sources say is actually a front for some foreign interests and groups working subterraneously to actualise an agenda of getting Ghana to urgently legalise homosexual and lesbian practices in the country that is seen as the gateway into West Africa.

    Residents of the Adabraka neighbourhood where Krif Ghana has done business from for the last 32 years, speaking on the company’s contribution to communal development, said they hardly know that the company exists in their community. Kojo, 60, who resides at an adjoining street to Krif Ghana head office, pointing to the immediate vicinity of the company, lamented that the company has not deemed it fit executive any corporate social responsibility project in the community.

    “A responsible company would have lighted up the stretch of road in front of Krif Ghana, from just after the Holy Spirit Catholic Cathedral to the adjoining Kojo Thompson Highway, which lacks street lighting making it a notorious zone for rampant robbery and mugging attacks on innocent residents and passersby,” he noted.


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