AKO Foundation Advocates For A Robust Treaty

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As the world commemorates this day, the AKO Foundation urges negotiators to prioritize human rights, human health, the environment, and the climate in ongoing treaty discussions in Ottawa.

The treaty seeks to establish a legally binding instrument to eliminate plastic pollution. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Planet vs. Plastics,” which underscores the foundation’s resolute commitment to environmental protection, sustainability promotion, and the creation of a healthier and more resilient future for all life on Earth.

AKO Foundation asserts that communities cannot remain indifferent while petrochemical companies and fossil fuel-producing nations designate them as “sacrifice zones.” The entire lifecycle of plastics poses a substantial threat to public health and human rights, with plastic production playing a significant role in exacerbating the climate crisis.

The mandate to negotiate the Treaty, established during the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in March 2022, marks a historic milestone. Now, governments must determine the impact these negotiations will have on our collective future.

“We urge delegates to negotiate a treaty that aligns with the promise of UNEA Resolution 5/14 – this entails implementing measures that address the whole lifecycle of plastics, starting from polymer production. Delegates must approach this task with the urgency it deserves, recognizing that our lives depend on it,” a spokesperson for AKO Foundation stated.

AKO Foundation emphasizes the need to comprehensively tackle the entire lifecycle of plastics, from production to disposal, with a primary focus on human rights, human health, and environmental preservation. The foundation urges negotiators to act with alacrity and prioritize the long-term sustainability of our planet.

On this Earth Day, let us all embrace our shared responsibility to safeguard our planet and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Kwame Ofori

Executive director

AKO Foundation




















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