John Agyakum and Nana Akufo-Addo

John Agyakum and Nana Akufo-Addo

Sir John?s statement that delegates are the most fearful apart from ghosts reminds me of some chilling ghost stories; and I?m going to tell you one.

There is this young man who adopted a trick to have free transportation anytime he was cash stripped. He keeps some cotton wool and a pair of white gloves in his bag, picks a ?dropping? and makes himself comfortable at the back seat of the taxi. In the course of the journey, he secretly puts on his pair of white gloves, and inserts two pieces of cotton wool in his nostrils.

As the taxi approaches a cemetery which is not too far from where he lives, he will tap the shoulder of the taxi driver, and speak through his nose: ?Driver, please I?ll alight here!? The taxi driver thinking he is a ghost will allow him to alight and flee with his car without taking the transport fare. This went on for sometime till the young man met a taxi driver who was a real ghost, and your guess could be as good as mine.

Since then, the young man learned his lessons, and never attempted to cheat taxi drivers, but the ghost taxi driver would not allow him to have his peace. He decided to revenge on behalf of the cheated taxi drivers, and show him that ghosts also have two balls, kikikikiki, big ones of course.

One day, the young man struck a business deal which fetched him a huge sum of money. It was late in the night when he finished the business transaction, and boarded a taxi with a friend, with the intention of depositing the money at the bank the following morning. As the young man was narrating to his friend with regard to what happened to him when he met a ghost taxi driver, the driver of the taxi in which they were traveling, stopped the car, and with cotton wool in his nostrils, looked back and asked, ?Likadish?? (Like this?). The two friends tore the doors of the car open and bolted, leaving behind the money. The ghost driver was killed in a car accident and had many of his teeth removed which made him speak in a funny way; so, that was how come he pronounced ?like this?? as ?likadish??

The moral lesson in this story is that the evil you do will surely come back to haunt you some day. The NPP has just finished their Parliamentary Primary Election, and I?m exceedingly sorrowful. When I heard that cars were given to some Electoral Area Coordinators as bribes for votes, I doubted it. Later, I saw on social media NPP branded slippers, electric fans, plasma tvs, etc., meant to bribe delegates, and I told myself, Chinekeee!

Again when I heard that NPP parliamentary aspirants bribed delegates with an average amount of 500 Ghana Cedis each, I asked myself, ?Nawaooo, how possible?? There are an average of 600 delegates in a constituency so if aspirants paid 500 Ghana Cedis to each delegate then we are talking of a whopping THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND GHANA CEDIS! That is THREE BILLION OLD CEDIS! I was wondering why anyone would spend that amount on a parliamentary primary election. Where did they get that amount of money from? And how are they going to recoup it, even if they finally succeed in getting to Parliament? Will this not lead to mega corruption?

Interestingly, the story of the alleged vote buying seems to be true. I had a shock of my life, and I was pop-eyed with surprise when I heard the NPP MP for Afigya Sekyere East, Hennric David Yeboah (tweaaa, I will never call him honourable) ?yageni-yageni? shamelessly speak on an Accra based OK FM on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, at 10 AM that his opponents bribed delegates 500 Ghana Cedis each; and he was disappointed that after ?out-giving? by bribing delegates with 500 Ghana Cedis and a latern worth 200 Ghana Cedis each, he lost. It is criminal to pay bribe in this country according to law: and I think the Police must arrest the Dishonourable NPP Member of Parliament immediately based on his own confession.

This is a serious development which the people of Ghana must take note of. I expected the NPP as a party to condemn these nefarious acts, but they did not. If a political party which wants to rule this country could endorse and condone such criminal acts, then God help us as a nation. Corruption started from Adam indeed!

It is perceived that the NPP parliamentary primary election was between two factions: Akyem Terrible Forces and the Asante Kumapem Warriors. It is alleged that the Akyem Forces ?out-bribed? the Asante Warriors which is turning out to be true: and the casualties in the Kumapem camp is heartbreaking!

With the arrest of one of their generals, the Kumapem Warriors have become wild and are licking their wounds. One of them told me that the parliamentary primary election was only the first leg, and as their name ?Kumapem? suggests ? ?if you kill one thousand, another thousand will emerge? ? they are preparing for an onslaught in the second leg of the 2016 presidential election where they will ask the commander of the Akyem Terrible Forces, Nana Patapaa Yenka Masem Ababio I I I, ?Likadish??

Anthony Obeng Afrane


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