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Alan – What a defeatist attitude you have!

Alan John Kyerematen
Mr. Alan John Kyerematen

A defeatist attitude is a negative mindset in which you believe you’re going to fail before you even start.

You talk yourself out of achieving things by telling yourself you’re incapable of success, even if you don’t have any evidence to support that. What I learned in life is that a defeatist attitude will help you fail, before you even start.

Why should people be surprised about Alan KWADWO Kyeremateng’s withdrawal from the NPP contest. Anyone who has been observing the activities of Kyeremateng, can speculate on what are his intentions and interest.

First of all, politicians don’t always get their way. They only get their way when Ghanaians enables them by voting for them. And votes come from grass roots movements that grow to create change.

But if everyone runs around with a defeatist attitude like yours, that explains why nothing changes. Because you accept some false notion that politicians “hold power over the people” when you don’t seem to understand that it is the people that actually hold power over the politicians when we remove apathy.

John Alan Kwadwo shot himself in the foot long time ago in a similar situation. May I ask, if Mr Kyeremateng was the front runner as per the results, would he have tender his “withdrawal from the contes?” No!!

Just as people can shut down a successful business through boycotting them, they can also remove corrupt politicians by getting out the vote and contributing to political movements aimed at creating change.

It is how the issue of rights for women first became prominent movement which has made some key influences. It is how gender equality laws have been changed. It is how powerful lobbyists are formed.

Those who contested Dr Bawumia failed or are failing to do reality testing of the Vice President. Their campaign against Dr Bawumia failed miserably attest to the lack of evidence for and against their perception and thinking.
They failed to look for alternative explanations rather than the “Aduro meso” mantra or “the establishment candidate” than being positive and how they perceive situation confronting each of them.

Of Alan Kyeremateng, why is the NDC so worried and obsessed about his winning and withdrawal? Because he is carrying unexploited baggage the NDC seeks to exploit in the event the NPP select him.

Their pronouncements, coupled with untruth from their uncouth sympathizers, especially their supporters who out of narrowness spewed all sorts of appalling derogatory vibes about Nana Addo was the source to the NPP defeats in two previous elections and they are at it again.

Anyone who discount Bawumia’s political potential within the NPP would be committing political suicide. Those who are jealous of the young man should be rewriting their scripts. Until the man decides otherwise he has changed the landscape and orientation within – as it tilts to his very advantage.

From my mind-eyes “Bawumiaphobia” or the Scare of Bawumia has morphed into jealousy within the Ghanaian politics. The mere mention of his name and achievements sends shivers down the spines of competitors. Dr Bawumia is an embodiment of a true patriot.

It reminds me of the Ghanaian Cinema Film of “No Tears For Anase”.

It is defeatist attitude that is keeping Mr Kyeremateng down. People with a defeatist attitude tend to catastrophize, meaning they imagine the worst possible outcome.

“Philosopher Carlyle Thomas was right when he observed that the right man in the right place at the right time can completely change the course of history”.

I believe this to be true, because we’ve seen it happened.

The scare that the name Bawumia brings within both the NPP and NDC has produced a new experience that I call “bawumiaphobia”. Hate him or like him he is the new face of our politics. He is just phenomenal!

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