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Alberta from Agrihouse Foundation speaks at the International Cassava Fair in Brazil

Economics Cassava Fair
Economics Cassava Fair

Ms Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, The Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, is set to address a global audience at the International Cassava Fair in Brazil on Thursday, November 23rd, on the topic “Leveraging International Platforms to Commodify Cassava in Ghana.”

Her address will underscore the pivotal role of international collaboration in catalysing advancements within Ghana’s cassava industry, emphasising the significance of commodifying cassava in Ghana.

A statement signed by Ms Akosa and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said: “This insightful discourse aims to position Ghana as a key player on the global agricultural stage.

“This strategic initiative goes beyond showcasing the ingenuity within Ghana’s cassava sector; it also aims to foster invaluable connections and explore sustainable business opportunities within the dynamic global cassava value chain”, the statement added.

Ms Akosa would also shed light on the unique opportunities and challenges facing Ghana’s cassava industry, exploring avenues for collaboration with international partners, the adoption of best practices, value addition, mechanisation and the implementation of innovative strategies to position Ghana as a major player in the global cassava market.

The statement indicated that the focus on the potential of cassava as a cash crop aimed to contribute significantly to food security and economic growth in Ghana.

Ms Akosa would also delve into how Ghana could leverage the International Cassava Fair platform, to enhance value addition in processing, transportation and mechanization among others.

The statement said the address would also emphasise the collaborative potential of the International Cassava Fair in facilitating capacity building including bringing resource persons from Brazil to Ghana to impart valuable knowledge and skills to the value chain actors.

The address would also elaborate on the present and future of Ghana’s cassava industry and the crucial role that collaboration on the global stage could play in its success.

“The event promises to be a milestone in the ongoing efforts to position Ghana as a key player in the international cassava market”, the statement said.

The International Cassava Fair (FIMAN), organised by Podium Alimentos in Brazil, which opened on Tuesday, November 21 and was expected to end on Thursday, November 23, 2023, represented a pivotal moment for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaborative exploration in the cassava sector.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to showcasing Ghana’s cassava industry on the global stage, Agrihouse Foundation, the official franchise holder for the International Cassava Fair in Ghana, led a delegation of 17 esteemed figures across diverse sectors of the Ghanaian agricultural landscape at the Fair in Paranavaí, Brazil.

This fair provided a unique platform for the Ghanaian delegation including farmers, processors, input dealers, Farmer-Based Organizations (FBOs), and aggregators among others to exhibit, engage in illuminating Business Matchmaking sessions, and pursue collaborative initiatives with international counterparts.

“This multifaceted approach underscores the delegation’s dedication not only to showcase the present capabilities of Ghana’s cassava industry but also foster future growth through strategic partnerships.

The Ghanaian delegation boasts of an array of influential figures, each contributing a unique perspective to the global dialogue on cassava innovation”, the statement indicated.

It said the delegation not only served as an ambassadors for Ghana’s cassava industry but also positioned the nation as a key player in the global agricultural landscape.

“As Agrihouse Foundation continues to lead the charge, the future of Ghana’s cassava sector looks promising, marked by innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth”, the statement observed.

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