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Alhaji Masawud Osma goes hard on Kissi Agyebeng


Alhaji Masawud Osman, the 3rd National Vice Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party, has taken a strong stance against Special Prosecutor ( Kissi Agyebeng), the Special Prosecutor, in response to the latter’s outbursts on the judiciary and the government’s dedication to fighting corruption.

The Special Prosecutor expressed his dissatisfaction with the way his cases were handled in court during a news conference.

He issued a warning that the country’s efforts to combat corruption will be severely impacted by the growing number of dismissive rulings in cases of corruption he submits to the court for decision-making.

Alhaji Masawud Osman made a quick jab at the Special Prosecutor while discussing some important points pertaining to his party’s chances of defeating the National Democratic Congress in the 2024 elections.

” Special Prosecutor(Kissi Agyebeng) should investigate the NDC members who shared money during their primaries he is been biased because he is working for NDC. I can confidently tell you that he is a staunch NDC member and he has employed over 300 staff in his office who have failed to make any impact in fighting corruption,” Alhaji Masawud Osman told Akosua Asabea Asomaning on Accra-based Original TV.

“The Special Prosecutor is a very corrupt and criminal person his work is to eradicate corruption from our system but he is rather working against NPP. Akufo-Addo is committed to fighting corruption that is why he insisted on backing the office of the Special Prosecutor to fight corruption.”

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