If you are associated with the networking industry, the Cat5e cables won’t be an alien thing to you! For a long time, these cables are tagged as the best option when it comes to construction of super fast Ethernet networks. The Cat5e Outdoor Cable is a twisted set of high signal integrity wires, mostly for transmitting telephonic and video data. Beneath the thick coating of this wire lies the 8 color coded copper conductors.

Particularly known for its ability to cope with noise issues, the Cat5e cables have set a benchmark with its massive capacity of lasting information carriage. It has much more to offer than its previous counterpart Cat5. The enhanced Cat5 cable, commonly referred to as Cat5e is increasingly gaining huge recognition among the networking engineers worldwide. Get superb speed and specifications for reducing or eliminating long-end as well as interruptions or crosstalk which are a result of the waves created by an electromagnetic field.


As per the EIA/TIA/ANSI standards, the Cat5e category cable should be of a maximum length of 100 meters without requiring repeaters or amplification. Such type of a cable is available in both solid as well as stranded conductor forms. The solid form of conductors is mainly used for cable runs whereas the stranded forms are mainly integrated into patch panel cords. With altering each of the twisted lengths, interference or crosstalk between cable pairs are also lessened.

How the Cat5e outdoor cables came into action?

The Cat5e outdoor cable is the advanced form of the Cat-3 counterparts usually used for enhancing speedy data transfers from 10mbps to 100 mbps.

The Cat5e outdoor cables are the ideal ones to create a fast Ethernet network. Most of the modern companies of today use Cat5e cables for setting up their phone extensions making it plausible for using digital IP phones in the future. 

Before you are wiring the Cat5e cables always make sure to run it prior to ceasing the ends. Also, keep in mind to leave the cable from the top and bottom point letting room for termination error. If any mistake has occurred while wiring the Cat5e cables, just slash off the ends of the cable and start the wiring process from the beginning. If it is possible then try and position your office or home network in a centralized point. That will reduce the requirements of running the long lengthened cables.

Cat5e outdoor cables for a varied range of devices

Apart from setting up fast Ethernet networks, the Cat5e cables are equally beneficial in putting up phone lines, video and even ATM’s. The Cat5e cables develop a safe and well secured network connection where confidential information of an organization does not float in air! That is why such cables are mostly popular among the business organizations and institutions. It is the most preferred cable for setting up strong network connection. Get a well established and reliable network with the incorporation of Cat5e cables.

The benefits of Cat5e cables do not end here; after you have installed it in your office setting, you will be able to transmit data at an astonishing speed of 1 gigabyte/second. Most of the computer networks transmitting data to electronic devices vouch on these cables within the LAN or Local area network. For that, one must make sure about the size, protocol as well as topology of the network for attaining the Cat5e cabling.

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