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All actions attract fitting Consequences

wpid-Accra-Skyline.jpgAn exuberant young boy of 17 years called Kwaku Frimpong came to Accra to further his education in such a way that in the subsequent future everything will augur well for him but due to bad company that he associated himself with, he did not focus on his education, so he started playing truant, flouting on people even his own teachers can be exemplified ?as one ?and began to make a ling for himself which presided him to the detriment o his health..
Kwaku Frimpong was in his final year in the junior high school and for sometime then he had been laying truancy. Kwaku Frimpong is a nice boy even his face will attest to the fact that he does not like inimical behaviors, but who knows what is behind his intentions.There was an English teacher whose spanking scared even the devil himself.Besides, when Kwaku Frimpong one day on his way to school one morning, he saw from afar his English teacher seriously administering lashes to students for turning up late for classes, immediately Kwaku Frimpong chose to advise himself.
However, Kwaku Fimpong sneaked back home encouraged by his knowledge that his parents were away to work.He repeated this conduct the following day and soon it was fast becoming a habit.Unknown to him, his parents had been reliably genned-up by a neighbor of his truancy.One fine morning his mother woke him up and to his surprise, her mother told him that she was going with him to the school, suddenly, he realized the trouble that was brewing for him.He could not resist this demand.Eventually, they got out on foot to the school and the closer they got to the school the more he feared the form of corporal punishment that he was going to received, coupled with the humiliation and disgrace he stood to get from his school mates.As they got to the school closer, these thoughts reached unbearable points and he began to trail behind her mother.In no time he was no where to be found. HE VANISHED.
However, the next time he saw his mother was when he was forcefully captured by some guys who were hired for that purpose.His own biological mother issued instructions confidently as his step-dad gave him that terrific beating of his lifetime.He screamed, cried for help and pleaded for mercy but all to no avail..He ended up with marks and cuts on his body solitary.
Finally, and as if to add insult ti an injury, his mother chose to break to him some tragic news that had been kept away from him since his infancy.After that he was sent to hospital for intensive medical care, while at the hospital he could not help but realized that he had had enough for the day and uttered that what he had seen will always make him never to forgotten in his life,
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