By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Everyone especially the rich and the powerful in society must refrain from selfishness. All people are required to safeguard the interest and welfare of everyone especially the poor and needy.

Government officials and businessmen must learn to fulfill promises they make to the people by using state and corporate resources at their disposal to better the lot of Ghanaians. Keeping the resources of the nation and companies for the exclusive use of the top people in society is not right. ??It amounts to selfishness.

Imam Ibrahim Toure of the Ashongman Estates Mosque in Accra explained that all humans had equal beginnings at birth but their circumstances change as they grow. This he said does not mean that the rich and powerful in society should neglect the poor and less privileged in society. ?He made the statement when he delivered a sermon? ?during Jumma prayers on Friday August 29 at Ashongman estates in Accra.

In accordance with Islamic teachings the Imam said selfishness is not acceptable. As human beings, we are required to take good care of ourselves with earnings from our sweat and toil. However as we earn more money we must be mindful of the poor and needy in our society adding that it would be wrong for us to enjoy while others suffer saying ?that we must learn to provide for others ??things in life like food, shelter and clothing? that we crave ?for ourselves.

The Imam began his sermon by saying? ??Dear Muslims, Asallaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu (May the peace and blessings of Allah be with you). My topic for today?s sermon is on selfishness?????????.

?Selfishness has advantages and disadvantages. However its disadvantages supersede its advantages. No one is expected to deny himself good things in life. To deny one good things in life for others (which is uncommon) is called preference of others over yourself.

But to like or pay attention to the needs of ?your brother Muslim in equal measure as you do to ?yourself is good and therefore represents a high degree of? ?faith; our prophet Mohammed (pbuh) encouraged us to do so. He said; ?No one is considered a believer till he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.

?Dear Muslims, selfishness is considered bad when a person likes himself over others even if the situation demands that he should do good deeds for others. Selfishness may be identified in situations such as the following;

  1. When a person denies others for his selfish motives.
  2. ?When a person deprives others for his sake.
  3. When a person fabricates a story against others and demeans them so that he is saved or elevated.
  4. ?When a person feels that he has a better salary, a better position and better facilities, he then might think that he is better than the others.
  5. ?When a person is greedy stingy and a miser he would do anything to grab everything for himself.

Fellow Muslims Allah gave us an example of Iblis (Satan) who refused to prostrate for Adam. He excused himself and did not prostrate because he thought he was better than Adam. He exhibited selfishness

Selfishness may lead to pride and arrogance. It may lead a person to demand praise from others and require that he alone is to be praised. The selfish person tries his best to overcome his mistakes because he is selfish. He would not pay heed??? to correction

Let us ask Allah for guidance to adhere to selflessness and to ask for forgiveness when we fall foul to Allah?s laws



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