Home News Politics “Allah showed me Victory signs for Mahama in 2024” – Alhaji Sinare

“Allah showed me Victory signs for Mahama in 2024” – Alhaji Sinare


Alhaji Said Sinare, a well-known political figure in Ghana and former National Vice Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), recently made headlines for his fervent prayers for victory on behalf of his party’s flag bearer, Mr. Mahama, in the upcoming 2024 general election in Mecca.

A viral video captured the unflinching NDC stalwart in Mecca confidently expressing his belief that despite any potential attempts by their opponent, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to manipulate and rig the electoral process in their favor, divine intervention will ultimately secure a resounding victory for former president John Dramani Mahama and his party at the polls.

In this footage, Alhaji Said Sinare can be seen passionately praying for divine assistance to help ensure that Mr. Mahama emerges victorious in the election.

He expressed his conviction that his prayers in Mecca itself had sent him signs affirming this belief beyond doubt.

The upcoming 2024 general election is poised to be a highly contested one with both major political parties vying for power. However, Alhaji Said Sinare remains undeterred in his belief that Mr. Mahama and the NDC will emerge victorious despite any potential obstacles they may face along the way.

As a seasoned politician with years of experience under his belt, Alhaji Said Sinare understands the importance of maintaining confidence and optimism even in challenging times.

His unwavering faith in God’s plan gives him strength and motivation to continue working tirelessly towards achieving victory for his political party.

Overall, Alhaji Said Sinare’s passionate prayers for Mr. Mahama’s success serve as a reminder of how deeply ingrained religion can be in politics and how faith can provide individuals with hope and inspiration even during uncertain times.

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