Alan-KyerematenThe Coalition of Students For Alan Kyerematen ?expresses the conviction that,? Hon Alan Kyerematen is the only antidote to eradicate or cure NPP’s deadliest disease, perpetual opposition.?

According to the group, the NPP finds itself in situation of treating the old deadly Opposition, which it likened to the Malaria disease, but with an option to either go in for a Chloroquine which has been used over the years but has proven it’s? ineffectiveness? in combating the disease or consider other options? widely used across the globe in treating the disease.

Below is the full statement issued by the coalition:

The Coalition of Students For Alan Kyerematen hold the conviction that,? Hon Alan kyerematen is the only antidote to eradicate or cure Npp’s deadliest disease, perpetual opposition. Would you use Chloroquine to treat the old deadly malaria?

The answer is an obvious NO and the reason is very simple ;the aforementioned drug has lost it’s potency to combat the menace in question. Today the NPP finds itself in situation of treating our old deadly malaria (Opposition ) but with an option to either go in for a Chloroquine which has been used over the years but has proven it’s? ineffectiveness? in combating the disease or consider other options? widely used across the globe in treating the disease. Malaria(opposition) can kill a person (political party) that is if the said person still decides to entertain his malaria with the impotent chloroquine.

It is widely said and proven that you cannot continue doing the same thing in the same way everyday and expects a different result until you decide to do things differently . We at COSAK contends that, The NPP cannot refuse change and still expects a positive results. Approaching our?December 6thprimaries, the party must consider selecting a drug (Leader)? that wouldn’t be just a flag bearer(medicine) but a proper antidote to cure our disease (opposition) .It’s now an open secret that the two frontrunners to steal the show are the twice failed flag bearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and the man to give us a resounding victorious John Alan Kyeremanten.

The two have openly declared their willingness to relieve our patient (party) from its deadly disease (opposition) and big question is which among the two really has the potency to kick out the malaria parasites (NDC)if given the chance? we at COSAK, will not hesitate to choose the man Alan Kyerematen as a platinum of market and? the better drug to salvage our dying patient (NPP) if malaria(opposition)? is the problem especially when Nana Akufo Addo has missed two glorious opportunities to save our dying patient in 2008 and 2012.

The NPP needs change, a change that will yield results, a change that will give us power. The current global change in economy which is the backbone of every country calls for transformational leadership, somebody who has the ability to manage the country, innovative and can think outside the box to bring out untapped ideas and intervention to salvage da country. Somebody who is tried and tested like Hon.Alan Kyeremanten.

With his rich experience as an international civil servant, he stands tall among the odds if transformational and charismatic leadership is the request and demand. His nomination by the African trade union organization to contest for the highest seat of the World Trade Organization cements what the Time Magazine wrote in 1994 by listing his name among top 100 personalities in the world seen to be impacting the planet with untapped knowledge in the new millennium world alongside Bill Gate and John F Kennedy Jnr.???????????????????

A founding member of the party who has shown the desire to lead his party in serving the country eventually as far back as 1996. It is worth noting that, our current situation as a nation needs a leader with good international connections who can link up to the outside world in helping build our country.? One cannot be oblivious of the fact that, as an ambassador to da USA Hon. Alan kyeremanten’s connection prowess brought to Ghana the COSMOS energy company through their rich know how, Ghana discovered the oil we talk about today.

Most importantly in country where our political history has proven that a party cannot win political Power? with a leader that do not have an appeal which cuts across all other political divide, it would be only strategic and appropriate to choose a leader who is much preferred and looks attractive to the entire nation but not just within the party and we all know Alan Kyerematen has has charisma to do that trick.

Showing glimpses of a genius born to the planet,Alan started punching above his weight as he holds the record as arguably the youngest ever to have entered and experienced? the Secondary School education with record age of 9. This is the man who is humbly appealing to delegates of our cherished party to put him to the test come?December 6?and? if Power will not be our bed mate? Let rise up delegates and do it right this time. The Coalition of students for Alan Kyerematen COSAK, wish you well. NPP will be back with Alan Cash In 2016.?
Buy Alan…Get power free.
???????????????? ……..signed……
?????????????? Frederick Kumah
??????????????? 0506915349
??????????????? National president

?????????????? Nana Achiaa Darkwa
???????????????? 024 488 4156
?????????????? 1st dep Coordinator-Ashanti

??????????????? Anita Amoakoh
???????????????? 054 508 8890
??????????????? National Secretary


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