Allegation: Chinese Mining Company cited for establishing gold refinery at Gbane without permits


The Shaanxi Mining (Ghana) Limited , a Chinese Mining company which is providing technical and mining support services to two registered small scale mining groups in the Gbane mining site in the Talensi District of Upper East Region has denied that they have not established a gold refinery plant in the area.

The Chinese Mining company made the denial last month when the Upper East Regional led by the Regional Security Council summoned a meeting between the Company and Yenyeya Mining and Pubortaaba mining Groups to resolve an impasse between the groups.

Meanwhile one of the major shareholders of the Company, Mr Charles Taleog Ndanbon who is also the Managing Director of the Yenyeya Mining group in an interview with the Ghanaian Times alleged that the Chinese Mining Company had establish a refinery plant in the concession of Yenyeya Mining and Pubortaaba mining Groups site without seeking permits from the state apparatus responsible for mining activities.

According to him the Chinese Company had a gold refinery plant at the concession of the two small scale mining site where it is providing the services.

Buttressing his point, he stated that the recent arrest of the two Chinese workers of the company by the National Security namely Rayn Lee and Gao Pan and Ghanaian , Michael Atta with 21 bar of gold refined being transport from the two small scale mining site where the Chinese mining company is providing the services to Accra for onwards export to Dubai testified the fact that the Company had refinery plant in the area.

According to Mr. Ndanbon , the Chinese Mining company has been engaging in that illegal business for close to ten years and exporting gold to Dubai and other outside countries in a hideout.

He stated that the Company was not only swindling Yenyeya Mining and Pubortaaba mining Groups, but the Talensi District , the region and the nation as whole and called on the Government to launch swift investigation into the issue to ascertain the truth whether the Company had established a gold refinery in the area or not.


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