Alleged militant website shut down in Iceland


Iceland’s internet domain authority shut down a website allegedly linked to the Islamic State militant group, its board announced Monday.

wpid-internet-2.jpgISNIC, the company that manages and registers the North Atlantic nation’s top domain internet address known as “.is,” said it was the first time such a closure had occurred.

Whoever registers a domain has to ensure that it “is within the limits of Icelandic law,” the board added.

Public broadcaster RUV reported that the website had been registered by an individual living in New Zealand, and therefore was not directly tied to the Islamic State militant group.

The website, called, had reportedly been running since September and was used to host execution videos of hostages held by the Islamic State, RUV reported.

It also posted statements and threats directed at US authorities, among others.

The Islamic State has secured control over large areas in northern Iraq and Syria.

Icelandic internet service provider Advania, which hosted the web site on its servers, said it had shut down the website over the weekend after contacting the person who had registered the site.

However, it briefly reappeared again after moving to a different server prior to ISNIC’s decision.

The government of Iceland said it would move to prevent similar websites from being published.


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