Alliance Française Partners Woshishije for Cultural Dance Productions

Alliance Francaise Partners Woshishije
Alliance Francaise Partners Woshishije

The Accra-based arm of the French cultural centre has reached an agreement with the Woshishije Cultural Group that will witness series of cultural dance productions in the coming weeks.

The partnership will form an artistic bridge between two cultures in terms of language, education and artistic programming.

The Cultural Director of Alliance Francaise indicated that the organisation is thrilled with their partnership with Woshishije.

Woshishije is an Accra-based cultural group noted for their energetic drumming and dance styles. As part of the partnership, Woshishije dance group will be presenting
“Kpanlogo” and “Kete” dance workshops for students and cultural enthusiasts at Alliance Francaise office in Accra.

Established in 1957, Alliance Française d’Accra is an independent and not-for-profit organisation regulated by local law based upon the initiative of civil society to exchange cultural and linguistic values. The organisation aims at promoting French language, cultural diversity and Franco-Ghanaian cultural exchanges that are fueled by a passion of mutual enrichment.

As a cultural institution, Alliance Francaise holds several cultural events that promote cultural diversity with local and international artists. With 85 events a year, Alliance welcomes more than 30,000 visitors which makes it one of the major artistic venues in Accra.

On why Woshishije was selected, the Cultural Director of Alliance Franciase stated that “we believe that Woshishije Cultural Group is known to be deeply knowledgeable with
their culture and brings their own cultural background and influences into their dance
performances and choreography”.

The Kpanlogo Dance of the Ga-Dangbe traditional people is going to be presented by Woshishije dancers and drummers on August 26-27, 2022.

The Kpanlogo dance is an extremely creative dance form developed with gestures and communicable movements. Woshishije will also provide tutorials on “Kete” dance from the Ashanti Region. Kete performances, like most court music traditions, are structured and follow a traditional format depending on the occasion of the performance.

Participants are encouraged to book their seat at the website

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