Jerry John Rawlings
Jerry John Rawlings
Jerry John Rawlings
Jerry John Rawlings

THE ALLIANCE FOR THE SUSTENANCE OF A BETTER GHANA is becoming very much?concerned about the continuous engagement in misconception, naivety, deliberate?misinformation and bastardization of truth and other issues of contemporary History by some?well-respected public figures anytime an opportunity is offered them at public events.

Equally worrying is the unpalatable and offensive language which largely characterizes the?deliveries of some of these so-called the Public figures.?It is very disturbing especially when viewed against the fact that some of these same people and?their friends are quick to point out ill-mannered speech by others, but serve the nation heavy?doses of this same ?medicine? they pretend to loath.

The fear of the ALLIANCE is that if this practice is not quickly checked especially in a country?where majority of the population have very little or no appreciation for History and therefore?hardly write down or document anything, we are only going to end up handing down to the next?generation a very distorted historical records, garnished with foul language.

They argue and make so much illogical arguments in their attempt to distort very important?historical facts of events including Heavenly inspired ones which were Hitherto revealed to?capable Men of God.

A clear case in point was at an economic symposium organized by the Today Newspaper where?one of the Speakers, Sydney Casely-Hayford for reasons that the ALLIANCE can hardly fathom?decided to describe in all derogatory forms Military interventions including the very vital Flt-Lt?Jerry Rawlings led 1979 and 1981 ?house cleaning? exercises here in Ghana. Sydney Casely-Hayford and others like him in all fairness can be forgiven both for the?bastardization and the unprintable language that is if they are oblivious of the fact that Flt-Lt?Jerry Rawlings led take-overs, had elements of heavenly inspiration aside the visible
necessitating factors such as loss of vision on the part of Supreme Military Council [SMCI& II]?leaderships, self-aggrandizement, the rot and the moral decadence in the society in the face of?deprivation, alarming exodus of the critical Manpower seeking greener pastures abroad, worse?country record in Real GDP growth per worker of [-4.22 between 1975-1979 ? captured in the
Collins and Bosworth Growth Analysis covering 1960 -1997].

The heavenly inspiration prior to the date [June 4th] was revealed to a reliable man of God,?Prophet Charles Korbla Nutornutsi Wovenu who quickly moved to organize intercessory prayers?for the Nation.On Sunday, 3rd June 1979, Prophet Wovenu, founder of Apostles Revelation Society [ARS]?Church travelled to Accra and caused an announcement to be made in all church branches in?Greater Accra to have a shorter than usual church service after which all members were to?assemble at the very bushy Tetteh Quashie roundabout for intercessory prayers against a?supposed DEW that he said was going to fall and over take the whole country the following day?? 4th June 1979.

The Prophet, who himself led the fervent prayer session that lasted a little over two hours in his?departing message only said he was reverting back to Tadzewu, the Church?s International?headquarters and that members of the Church who would witness the fall of the DEW should do?well to send him reports through Telegrams etc.

In an economy that had virtually ground to a halt, Ghanaians woke up the next day ? 4th June?1979 to be greeted with Jerry Rawlings led Armed Forces Revolutionary Council [AFRC]?Military intervention. The mantra ?vox populi, vox Dei?, to wit ?The voice of the people is the?voice of God? manifested itself in the support that the revolution received, with the surprise call
of ?let the blood flow.?

Heavenly inspiration played a pivotal role in the second Flt-Lt Jerry Rawlings? intervention of?1981 necessitating rebuilding and national reforms, ushering the country into constitutional rule?in 1993, peaceful handing over in the year 2000 and the unprecedented twenty-two [22] years of?constitutional rule and the accompanying developments. The total circumstances surrounding the?emergence of Flt ? Lt Jerry Rawlings on the Ghanaian political scene and his exit has been?heavenly inspired, the ALLIANCE concurs.

Records of Ghana?s true contemporary history and the spiritual revelations regarding the above?and others indicating Ghana globally being a blessed nation and the one covering hundred years?span on Ghana ? i.e. the kind of leaders the nation would have over the period are available with?reputable researchers, fair minded witnesses of some of the events just as the Church historians
for any interested person to verify.

The ALLIANCE wishes to indicate its resolve to ensure that there is no attempt to rewrite or?engage in deliberate bastardization of available Historical records among other things.

Thank you
Koku Mawuli Nanegbe


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