Nii Emanuel Tetteh Oglie II, Chief of Saki in Greater Accra Region, has called on political authorities to allow the police and other security setups to appoint their own top officials.

He made this remarks during the fifth anniversary celebrations of his coronation on the theme, ‘The roles of chiefs and traditional authorities in community development” in Saki.

Nii Oglie II, also the President, Nmlitsakpo Divisional Council, called on the President to provide the enabling legal and administrative framework for security services to appoint their own officials especially the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

“When a political Party comes to power in this country, what it does is to sack the IGP and replace him with a party person,”he said.

According to the Chief, the situation was alarming and could further compromise the country’s security set ups that could spell doom for the country.

The Chief noted that, the two main political parties, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the Ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) always accused each other over lapses in the country’s security setups hence the need for politicians to stay out of processes for top security official appointments.

Nii Tetteh Oglie II further explained that the situation was affecting the country’s security services saying that the political parties appointed personnel who had sympathies for them.

People from all walks of life thronged the chief’s Palace for the celebration.


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