Alpha District: Why Web3 Games Will Form the Foundation of Gaming Ahead

Alpha District
Alpha District

Web3.0, also called Web3, is the new generation of the World Wide Web It is built on blockchain technology.

What does that mean? Instead of handing over governance and control to a few big companies like Facebook and Amazon, this new internet has handed all the power to us, the people themselves. Web3 gaming is quite similar to its parent concept – you, the player, are in total control. Alpha District, a revolutionary browser-based video game, runs on this trustworthy, decentralized system.

What could this mean for you as a player? Before Web3, the world of gaming worked differently. For example, let us say you buy assets in video games – like powers, players, weapons, etc. The game’s owner holds complete control over both – your money and assets. If at any time that one company/owner decided to shut shop and walk away, they would be walking away with not just your money, but also your gaming progress and all the assets you had paid for. Painful, was it not? What if platforms like Alpha District told you they would protect you from all such losses and heartbreak? Well, that is what they are telling you.

With the help of Web3 and blockchain as building blocks, Alpha District presents you with the future of gaming. Here, you are the king of the lands you buy, the characters you purchase, andthe assets you invest in. And all of this is platform-independent. This means that even after the gaming company shuts down, you are still the same asset holder that you were before. You can even sell these virtual assets for real money – just like having real-world investments.

So, with platforms like Alpha District handing power back to the masses, the virtual world that you spend money and time building could well be seen as your hard-earned investmentsfrom now on.

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