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Alt-Text, Send Threads to IG DMs, Profile Mentions and More


Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a fresh set of updates for Threads, including features like customizable alternative text, the option to send Threads to Instagram DMs, and a mention button on profiles.

Since Threads’ launch, the Instagram team has been actively heeding community feedback and working swiftly to introduce new enhancements that enhance user experiences.

Key details include:

Send on Instagram: Now you can directly share a thread to Instagram DMs using the Send button.

Custom Alt-Text: Users have the ability to add personalized alt-text and modify the automatically generated alt-text for photos and videos before posting.

Profile Mention: Introducing a new mention button that makes it effortless to mention accounts in your thread.

Additionally, last week a new the feature allowing you to sort your following list (by default, latest first, and earliest first) and view your liked posts was rolled out. To access all posts you’ve liked, head to your settings by tapping the menu lines on your profile and selecting “Your likes.”

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