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Alumni President Urges Graduates to Support Alma Mater Amid Financial Strain

Mr. Jeffrey Kwateng Brobbey
Mr. Jeffrey Kwateng Brobbey

Mr. Jeffrey Kwateng Brobbey, President of the Yamfo Anglican Senior High School Old Students Association, has passionately advocated for the importance of giving back to the schools and communities that shape individuals into who they become.

In a heartfelt appeal, Mr. Brobbey underscored the significant role alumni play in supporting their alma maters, particularly during periods of financial strain and resource limitations.

He emphasized that while the government strives to provide for educational institutions, its resources are often stretched thin, making it challenging to meet every need.

“The government alone cannot carry the entire burden of education,” Mr. Brobbey stated.

“Given the current economic constraints, it is imperative for former students to step in and support the schools that laid the groundwork for their personal and professional success.”

Mr. Brobbey highlighted the transformative impact that Yamfo Anglican Senior High School had on its students, providing them with the essential tools and opportunities needed to thrive in various fields.

He urged alumni to remember the foundation their education provided and to take active steps in ensuring that future generations have access to the same quality of education.

“Our school gave us the foundation to succeed,” he reflected.

“Now, it’s our turn to give back and ensure future generations have the same opportunities.”

Mr. Brobbey in an interview when he led old students of Yamfo Anglican Senior High School to donate sick bay equipment to the school suggested that alumni can contribute in various ways, such as providing financial aid, mentoring current students, and supporting infrastructure projects.

By doing so, they not only honor the legacy of their school but also pave the way for its continued excellence and relevance.

Mr. Brobbey’s call to action resonates deeply in an era where educational institutions are increasingly reliant on the support of their communities and former students.

His message serves as a reminder that the collective effort of alumni can make a substantial difference, ensuring that schools continue to thrive and produce well-rounded, successful individuals.

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