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The media has changed since 20 years ago. The transition is more pronounced as a result of the development of new technology. Social media is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. And it’s unquestionably one of the major platforms for disseminating information. The majority of young people surely utilize it, as well.

It is impossible to ignore social media and its influence on how the world is shaped. Trends that have emerged as a result of this have had an impact on our lives, positively and negatively. About 8.8 million Ghanaians will be using social media as of the start of 2022.

With youngsters making up the majority, the friendly reception of social media laid a foundation for fame, the display of ability, and others promoting their love for God. The internet has a phenomenal memory, which is a frightening reality. Unless the source is removed it never forgets.

Have you ever searched your name on google? Have you ever wondered what would pop up? The negative or the positive? Gone are the days where the traditional media ( Newspaper, TV, Radio) were the only means of communicating or bringing out credible information.

There were few known bloggers who would write articles for the public to read in the comfort of their homes. However, in this modern era, people like GH Kwaku, Zion Felix, and Ronny is everywhere on the internet.  Despite the fact that their content may not always be politically relevant and professionally carried out, they still make the numbers.

We live in a period where people would rather use their phones to record events than to assist those in need. Violence happens everyday, and witnesses who see, it record  and upload online without having empathy. These events can occasionally become viral episodes. An instance where a woman was brutally assaulted by a police officer in a bank some time ago, went viral and the said woman received a significant number of goodies, from cash to food items to house among others. I wondered who recorded the incident without confronting the policeman on such on professional conduct. What am I even saying? Some of our police officers even kill their own colleagues. It is no news. 

What did the said woman do to warrant such inhumane treatment from a cop who lack professional ethical standards spelt out in the Ghana Police Service Code of ethics. She was carrying a child and it appeared that she got to the banking a bit late. Something that didn’t go down well with officer at post. 

Away from that, the display of houses on social media is one of the well-known trends currently making way for thieves to even strike. Ghanaian celebrities make it known that their homes are better than their contemporaries in the industry. Many famous people have provided sneak peeks into their residences.

Celebrities like Tracy Boakye, Afia Schwarzenegger, Shatta Wale, and Jackie Appiah embraced this approach. 

Jackie Appiah recently sparked a lot of controversies when she flaunted some of things in her home. Some Ghanaians reacted negatively to this because of a perceived act of boasting on the part of Jackie. Others also held a different viewpoint altogether. A recent video from Luchy Donald’s that provided a sneak glimpse of Jackie Appiah’s mansion sparked a lot of debate.

With some people making assumptions about her financial status whether or not she is capable to do this all by herself without any sponsor., Social media’s seductive eyes that spot these tendencies worry me. Do people actually understand the effects of their actions?

I believe they are leaving themselves open to theft. Through these channels, they divulge critical  and personal contact information. These trends are always evolving, and people are keeping an eye on them. I think it’s best if the internet knows as little as possible about you. There are few people and foes for you to deal with. As much as being popular is a job everyone wants.

There are restrictions, particularly when it affects our security. No instances of these acts leading to theft or robbery have been reported. However, you never know who is taking a clue or two from a reckless exposure. Do you believe social media may be a platform for robbery, I ask you now?

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