Benjamin Nana Kojo Awuah writes

Good evening,my attention has being drawn to a purported intent the institution that claims to maintain law and order is now maintaining favouritism and disrespect.

The Ghana Police Service which was formed in 1894 was not like this in those days,it has shift from its mandated functions to do what is not good to do.
Indeed our laws speaks against discrimination but state institutions meant to do that practice it otherwise.

A political party wrote to the GPS about their intended rally come Sunday in the Talensi constituency and was giving the green light and did assuerd them that,the proposed park is safe and can be use.

The Police service further indicated to the NPP that ,they are the first political party that has requested to hold such rally in theming themselves for Talensi bye-election and should in case what am hearing is through,that, that same GPS who claim is readiness to support and protect the NPP in holding its rally there is now denying the access to the NPP,then Police service is running GOVERNMENT -IN-POWER POLICING?

In other words, it voilates the Ghana Police Act 1970,Act 350 and also the 1992 constitution which speak against discrimination because the first political NPP was assured 100% access to the park.

I do call on the IGP as a good citizen of Ghana to intervene to sort things out before peace is preach.

The Police service wasn’t formed to favour a certain political party than others,our police service should not be coward by calling a spade a spade and not an implement for digging.

If the GPS was formed purposely on discrimination and favouritism then trust me it wouldn’t have being in existence today.

The Police must learn to uphold its integrity and functions irrespective of their political affiliation and other matters.

Should the Ghana Police go by what am hearing, then there is no police service here in Ghana. It should look forward to serve official notice to the NDC that,the contended venue is already in the position of the opposition New Patriotic Party in order to white-wash the black image of the GPS.
Other than that,to many Ghanaians who do value ourselves and life will consider the police as a “Coward and unfaithful state institution”that runs its service base on favouritism,disrespect,discrimination and disloyalty.
Well meaning Ghanaians will feel unsafe if the tune of the venue changes to the other end.

It means we Ghanaians are not in a safety hands though we have a police service.

The IGP should as a matter of urgency respond to the issue on board else chaos and bloody acts may occur.

This is not the time for making noise on radio but setting a precedent of great record that will honor the GPS as a non-partisan state institution.

The writer; Nana kojo Awuah Benjamin, Ghanaian and peace ambassador(0241744797)


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