Amber Rose has opened up about life without Wiz Khalifa. The 30-year-old socialite filed for divorce from her rapper husband of one year almost a month ago.

On Thursday (October 16),?US Weekly caught up with the Amber?while hosting XXIV Karat?s Launch Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. They asked her how she was coping after splitting with her soon-to-be former husband, Wiz Khalifa.

?I?m okay. I?m doing pretty good,? she told the reporters. ?I am going through a divorce and technically I?m single I guess you could say but I?m just not ready for that,? she added she is not ready to date again. ?I?m focused on my son and I?m focused on work and I really don?t have time for a man right now?

Amber Rose also revealed how her seventeen month old son, Sebastian was doing. ?He?s talking a lot now and he?s obsessed with pumpkins,? she said. ?All day it?s, ?Pumpkin, pumpkin!? I?m gonna dress him as a pumpkin too [for Halloween]. It?s going to be awesome?


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