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The Federal Republic of Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa has made Africa proud by coming out of a peaceful election to choose a new President General Mohamadu Buhari who has just taken over the mantle of leadership from Goodluck Jonathan. This nation is currently noted for the scary attacks of the Boko Haram militants on innocent people and is fast trying to shed off its role in 419 cyber tricks to fleece unsuspecting people. Wait a moment this nation has just come out with another story that is likely to blow your minds. What has happened with a lay who has just fished for a man to marry is to people worldwide news indeed. It is unusual.

Zainab Abdulmalik a northern Nigerian lady was dumped by her former lover. She felt bad about it and found an innovative means of getting another man to marry

This woman went on radio to appeal for a husband in the northern Nigerian city of Kano and succeeded in finding a suitor, reports BBC.

Mr. NASIRU Zango, who broke news and works for Freedom Radio in KANO, said Zainab Abdulmalik, 22, made the appeal on Tuesday, asking prospective husbands to come to the station the next day to compete for her.

In response to the advertisement Hundreds of men turned up, lured by her promise to give the one she would chose a car and house, Mr. Zango said.

Many Nigerians especially the youth are poor and unemployed and were eager to grab the opportunity for a wife and fortune.

Many Young men rushed to the station?s offices and staff had to call in the police who whisked Ms Abdulmalik away, Mr. Zango said but not before she had made her choice of a lucky young man. Stay tune for more on the marriage ceremony and after.

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