Amenfi East Youth Group Threatens Legal Action Against MP & DCE.

Akwasi Oppong-Fosu, Minister for Local Govt and Rural Development
Akwasi Oppong-Fosu, Minister for Local Govt and Rural Development

YOUTHS FOR PROGRESSIVE CHANGE- Amenfi East have read a news item in daily graphic news paper published on Tuesday, May 5th-2015 titled “SUPPORT GOVT’S EFFORTS TO IMPROVE LIVES”- HON OPPON FOSU.

Akwasi Oppong-Fosu, Minister for Local Govt and Rural Development
Akwasi Oppong-Fosu, Minister for Local Govt and Rural Development

In this said publication, hon. Akwasi Oppong Fosu is reported to have asked Ghanaians to support government efforts to improve the lives of people and also tasked Ghanaians to take active interest in ongoing projects across the country to ensure that they reaped maximum benefit from them.
In this same publication, he is reported to have inspected projects under execution in the constituency being trumpeted by himself & Ndc communicators as his achievements being propagated to include, five community water projects at a cost of ?3.2m each, 30 mechanized boreholes, rural electrification project for 70 communities, 37 CHIPS compounds and Ghana Education Trust ( GETFund) Schools.
We are so disappointment with Hon Akwasi Oppong Fosu MP Amenfi East. It must be clearly stated that, this call is totally needless and a complete waste of glorious opportunity to report the numerous social & economic problems of our people are facing to the government of which he is a member & minister.
Nobody in Ghana has stopped government from carrying out its mandate. Ghanaians have been very cooperative and supportive of any government since Independence both military and democratically elected governments. We always support and are ever ready to support any policy & efforts of government which seeks to improve our lives as people. Most efforts of government rather eventually reduces living standards or worsen things.
For instance an increase in tax rate, increase in fuel prices even when it cost less on world market, IMF bailout conditionalities such as freeze on public sector employment, reduction of gov’t spending, and etc which are positive moves to government has a negative and devastating implications on the poor people on the streets who strives to make ends meet.
Against all these backdrop Ghanaians are patient and still performing their duties as citizens, so what else did Hon Oppong Fosu wanted Ghanaians to do? What kind of support at all was he talking about, is it morale support?. If you can’t carry your load don’t blame…. Is it the case that, he just wanted his name to be heard in the news papers since he isn’t that popular?.

We think, our MP should have ceased the opportunity to draw the attention of government to the poor road networks, high rate of poverty, poor sanitation & environmental degradation, massive Youth unemployment, the insecurity and arm robbery cases, lack of credit facilities & lack of modernised agric inputs for cocoa production, Low producer-Buyer price of cocoa, unpaid bonuses and the inaccessible mobile telecommunication networks in the populous rural areas in Amenfi East.Again Honorable, it is surprising to note that you mentioned these projects as your achievements.
It is on records that, Hon. Akwasi Oppong Fosu upon all the numerous ministerial appointments can’t attribute or tag himself to just a single developmental project in the Amenfi East constituency as his own initiative. We all know what Hon Samuel Ofusu Ampofo did for his constituency during his tenure as local government minister but same cannot be said about Hon. Oppong Fosu.
The achievement he made was Poor national sanitation & national cholera outbreak which claimed several lives.Even Amenfi East your own backyard was never left out. any one entering or departing the constituency was either welcomed or farewelled respectively by mountain of refuse & flies.
On the ?3.2m each five community water projects we challenge hon. Oppong Fosu to name the source of funding, Contractors & towns or locations of which such projects are taking place. We are doing so because prior to the 2012 elections water projects under the District Assembly was tagged as Oppong Fosu’s personal project when at that time he was just a director at the local government service.
We are calling for a thorough audit into these contracts if indeed its true, because 32billion old Ghana CEDI’s for a single water project is so alarming and must be audited. We send a strong signal to the Wassa Amenfi district Assembly that should we find out that any of these projects are the Assembly’s initiative, We shall take them ( hon. Oppong Fosu MP & Hon. Stephen Badu Acheampong DCE) to court.
They should come clear with a history and timelines of these projects and also on whether the projects are been funded by GOG, DAFC or the MP’s Common Fund to be classified as an MP’s achievement. We are giving them a month ultimatum.On rural electrification project, it seems Hon Oppong Fosu did not check his facts well, he wouldn’t have talked on the rural electrification for 70 communities.
Setting the records straight, this rural electrification is an NPP government’s initiative under president Kufour. The projects name was Self Help Electrification Project (SHELP).Five meetings were heldx during the negotiations for this facility, three in Ghana & two in America.The source of founding for this project was American Exim Bank which granted an amount of $350m to connect more than 20000 towns with population of 500 people to the National grid. This project was contracted to weldy lemon company limited which was executed in four phases.
During Hon joseph Boahen Aidoo’s time as MP he listed all the rural towns in the constituency to benefit from this electrification project. The first and second phase had 60 communities out the 116 communities in the constituency. Out of the 60 communities h completed more than half by the end of 2006 and the remaining completed by 2008.
The third phase started in 2010. Due to delays of the third phase of the project Hon Boahen Aidoo in 2011 on the floor of parliament, Asked the energy minister questions on why 38 communities including jonjoso, Aseriwadi, Nkonya, Nsuaem, Beposo, AsuogyaKrobo, Abrokyirekrobo and etc were expunged from the list.
This became a major issue which was later discovered that the DCE Hon.Stephen Badu Acheampong caused that action for political expediency since it the then incumbent NPP MP would be credited for that.Therefore, simple mathematical calculation will show that 60 plus 70 is 130 which is far more than the total 116 communities in the Amenfi East District.
It is not far from right to suggest that Hon Oppong Fosu does not know his constituency boundaries & communities which forms the constituency. It is not surprising because you rarely come for social gatherings & other important events and finds it difficult touring the villages & towns to familiarize with the towns.
No wonder you said on UEW main campus in your address during a meeting with wasa Amenfi Students that, as an MP your duty does not include attending funerals and you referred to such thinking as a negative mindset of the constituents which needed to be correct by the student intellectuals when they go home.
Mr. Honorable, How do you expect to know your constituency when you don’t attend funerals except when an NDC chairman dies? You deliberately didn’t attend that of the late )manhene of Wasa Amenfi Traditional Council, Nana Kasapreko Kwame Bassanyin III of blessed memory.
Another fabricated lies is the 37 CHIPS compounds he mentioned. Our assignment to Hon. Oppong Fosu is to simply call Madam Mary the wasa Amenfi East district Health Director for briefings & education.Most of the communities that have the CHIPS operated in rented houses paid by the District Health directorate with support & assistance from the community members.
One funny aspect is that Hon. Oppong Fosu failed to mentioned the locations or towns were these self acclaimed project’s were ongoing. We kindly plead with Hon. Oppong Fosu to keep quite if you has nothing to show and wait patiently for 2016 for us to show you the way since you once admitted the job is tougher than you, this lip-service projects would not fetch any vote in 2016.
We have keenly observed that Hon. Oppong Fosu as an MP hardly attends parliamentary sessions and among the few times you went, your voice is not singularly heard on the floor of parliament but would love to join the chorus which is very worrying.As we speak it has gotten to the extent that some NDc MP’s have started raising concerns. Honorable please speak up because we know you ain’t dumb.
The excuse you give for absenteeism is too flimsy, you ain’t the only busy minister with busy schedules. Hon. Minister of state your constituents didn’t vote because you wanted to be a minister. You weren’t voted to be at the flagstaff house as minister of state, even when there is virtually no job for you!.
Hon. Oppong Fosu don’t forget you were voted based on your numerous promises on Jobs creation thus spearheading the extraction of the huge aluminum deposit in the Oppong-Manse valley to create employment for our youths, you were voted based on your promise to represent & be our mouthpiece but not for government against us, you were voted based on your promise to build a secondary school and a training college in Amenfi East for our youths, you were voted because you promised us better roads and development which you have done contrary.
Your level of incompetence is spectacular & beyond reasonable doubt. This clearly manifested during your terms as min. for local government & Rural Development, Min. for Environment,science & Tech. which is very well understood, caused the frequent reshuffling.
If you couldn’t solve peculiar problems as a minister at these ministries with all the opportunities, support & resource available, how could you solve that of the entire constituents, now ain’t a member of cabinet?.
We have now come to understand why Mr Kyei Barfour vehemently opposed to your appointment as local government minister.
The complete show of incompetence at the various ministries held is a vindication of Mr kyei Baffour’s suspicion. We state equivocally that, should God even appoint Hon Oppong Fosu as his chief of staff, your gross incompetence will manifest for God to sack you.
Our message to Hon Oppong Fosu is just brief & simple, Don’t worry yourself again to contest in 2016, because we are going make sure you lose miserably.The entire constituents including your own party members are complaining bitterly about hardship, poor governance, lack of development, poor roads and etc.
We must show appreciation for funding the printing of the famous CHANGE MP T’SHIRTS used in 2012 against the then NPP MP Hon. J B Aidoo. we promise to follow you with these T’shirts in your 2016 campaigns .
We render unqualified apologies to the New patriotic party and the former MP Hon Joseph Boaheng Aidoo for voting against them during the previous elections. Indeed we sold our coloured TV for Black & white.
It is our hope and belief to do things right in 2016. Amenfi East Must work Again.
Long live Ghana, Long live Amenfi East, Long live PYC.





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