By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

Man is a perfect product of God’s love; a unique creation of God’s creativity and perfection. So today, when you carefully look on a man – any man, the one thing that stares you in the face is a perfect picture of God’s creativity, perfection and love. When you, as a medical practitioner or as a researcher, or even a teacher (be you in a secular field or a religious one), try to understand the wisdom behind the perfect structures in the making of man, you can’t but contain the truth of the presence of a divine sculptor. This divine perfection is in no way limited to man; but, as the society every other creature lives in today is, in most cases, conditioned by man, I’ve only concluded in affirming that God, after creation, promptly gave man the power of dominion over the earth. In all that God has ever done, one thing has always remained clear and pointed: the revelation of the perfect products of true love. Everywhere His love touches, there springs up perfection: in the dark, light comes, a sinner becomes a saint; the dead rises, from the dungeon the lowly and dejected gains the throne, and satan is promptly judged in justice. Love drives perfection and justice. True love is love: the Agape love which keeps us connected to our source, and Phileo which makes us love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus, in response to the Pharisees who, in their belief of always being accurate in the things of the law, asked Him what the greatest of the commandments was, said: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” (NIV) Perfect love has fruits, excellence, and justice; it destroys fear – either of losing or of giving too much. This is what is lacking in America: America needs perfect love and it’s only God who can plant it and water it in us. Therefore, America needs God more than ever.


America is rightly called “God’s own country,” not because they came to be through perfection, but because there was a mission for America. And with that mission came great grace and ability from God. but Americans – the leaders and the led alike- having seen much of God’s perfect love steering everything in their anticipated direction, entered into the error of Balaam – believing that their perfection comes from them and, as such, must enjoy perfect pleasure as “reward of labor.” They also erroneously concluded that, if God has blessed them thus, He has given them every sign they needed to be “free.” With the founding fathers came democracy. But as time flies, democracy becomes corrupted – both by those who want to conceal injustice and by those who can never take too much of pleasures in anything they lust after. Man has been blessed with revelations to create things which follow the perfect pattern of God’s design in creation; yet, all that man has ever made is enshrouded in imperfection and uncertainty in destiny. So is every man who is not certain in God’s love. Today, selfish do-or-die quest for pleasure in the name of democracy and human rights, and solely personal aggrandizements, graduated from human slavery to deep and hidden injustices, from women seeking their rights to women hijacking the world, from human rights activism to total madness. The consequences are all around us; we don’t have to look far.


The mistake of America is that it took the grace of God for granted and interpreted God’s seeming silence into a concession to seek pleasure wherever it may be found. When we use the grace of God without reciprocating in love, it becomes so corrupted that the blessing we are given of God becomes a curse to us and to those over whom we have great influence. In America’s mad-pursuit of insatiable and uncontrollable pleasures, everyone has forgotten the other; we all want to outdo our neighbor. And so, love died. Today, what America is left with in love is Hollywood – a place where love stinks and where their very definition of love is everything but true. A man and a woman claims willingness to die for each other today because of their love, but the next day, they tear themselves apart and even “share” the children. Man has shunned the perfect love of God for the imperfect gains of pleasure. Lack of love has made the man not to show unreserved love to his wife as fitting, and the very absence of true love has made the women of today question, not only what right man has to be “the head” but they have equally nullified the God of the Bible as they outdo themselves in choosing to follow the voice of the serpent than that of the God of love, care, provision, and wisdom. Today, you have the people of America (God’s own country?) cry out and demand, like the Israel of the old demanded of God for a king, for everything their foundation was built against. The foundation of America detested slavery and, therefore, brought freedom to us. America renounced the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah and, therefore, made it “one man-one wife.” America believed the word of God as the infallible truth and, therefore, brought the gospel to us in Africa – destroying our cultures, traditions and inheritance in the process. America believes that, even though everyone does not believe in Christ, there are rules and norms that every society should foster. America believed in this and, therefore, got committed to carrying democracy to every place.


But crosschecking our score-cards as “Americans,” the reverse is mostly what we have today. In the days of Abraham Lincoln, and those before, true freedom was protected and supported, but these days, presidents seek for votes by accepting everything that is repugnant before the very God to whom they were dedicated. Like the man, Aaron, they rush to do the will of the people – even against the very foundation of life. This is what the world calls democracy and freedom, yet there is no freedom and injustice prevail in different corners of the world by those who claim to practice democracy; how much worse can it be for those in countries of the religious but/and wicked? And so, we have leaders strongly supporting and signing into law the practice of sodomy (spreading diseases and yet donating for treatment), arbitrary divorce (making children stone-hearted from childhood), and the rights of every child to destroy itself and bear the consequences without having first been trained as a child by the parents; and threatening those who say “no” to such shame. The great America that came to Africa with the gospel is now the very people laughing at God after they have carted away the many gods of Africa into their secret places. They are now writing for the world a new message and a new gospel: SELF IS GOD.  This has become the voice which keeps resonating throughout the West. When God said that all things were created by Him and for His pleasure, and that no man shall glory (that is, share in Him with self-pride), man says: “No! I have the right to do as I please and follow any way I like, and there is no God to judge me ether way. So, these days, man willingly and joyfully volunteers his entirety to stand in opposition to God.  America desired to take true democracy to other places but was cut in the power of the apple of Eden: they couldn’t leave for Caesar what belonged to him, and for God, what belonged to Him. They go into countries with democracy but allow it to be corrupted through their insatiable spirit of covetousness grown at home by the spirit of “rights to every pleasure.” The cost of maintaining the destruction of unaccountability at home became high as the one who promised more freedom and pleasure becomes the favored candidate for leadership. Each president that comes willingly leads American farther away from God through the drifting spirit of pleasure, rights and freedom wrongly placed. As it is, men become “man and wife,” likewise women. Time will come when two biological sisters would seek for their “rights and freedom” to marry each other; mothers will marry their sons while fathers will call their daughters: “my lover!” and very soon, their women’s love for pets could lead to freedom to choose them as marriage partners. Who wonders? That’s where the spirit of the Garden of Eden has led us to: “No, you will not die for God knows that, the day you eat of it, your eyes shall open and you shall be as gods – knowing good and evil.” I sincerely pray that the president who signed homosexuality into law will not, one day, be saddled with explaining to his children why incest is a crime and gay is not. The danger in all these is that, if it affects America, it affects the world. The worse part is that, those who brought Christianity to us are now using every method to compel us to accept abominations in our lands when the one done against us from 1914 has not been undone. Oh Lord! Arise!


America will see the light and rise again. It has to be so because of its mission for the world. America will rise again because the land was dedicated to God. But, this time, the president who must lead must be a man like David who never forgets from where God called him out. The candidate who promised Americans the freedom to even look upwards and disown God – such man will fail utterly. That man who will return America to its former glory is the man for the job because cries and cries have come out of America to join others in different places of the world where corrupted democracy laid a foundation of corruption, death and decay. America will rise and shine again as it recognizes that every land is blessed and that each land is blessed for a reason. America will not be destroyed because it is not for the antichrist to determine when Jesus will come nor to cause a forced-birth. Until the number is brought in fully, God’s anger will not destroy a city where many cry to Him always. But those who cry should not neglect the direction of God in the manner of Lot whose selfishness claimed wisdom over God. He ended up committing worse crime than that of the place he and his two female children ran from. Even though he did that in ignorance, the result kept everyone awake in the middle of the night.


In getting prepared for the Lord, the country called Nigeria must be divided this period because that is the justice which true democracy should bring – not an unjust democracy and a lying partnership. America is a nation of firmly United States; Nigeria is a forced amalgam of different, ever-diverging nations. The marriage where divorce is permitted is that of sham or unfaithfulness. And no marriage is allowed with people of eternally opposing views. Therefore, Nigeria is carrying the burden of living together as in marriage, whereas there was no marriage. This burden tells on this democracy generation. America must see that true justice is done in Africa– at least, once. Presently, there are two things which accuse America from Africa: the carting away of African gods and calling it paganism, and America’s rejection of the gospel they almost forced on Africa. The fingers are pointing at a contradiction which unmasks a conspiracy. The people in the dark have seen a great light, and from Africa shall great illumination and truth issue forth to the rest of the world. If decency comes to Hollywood, it will touch the world. If it comes from American embassies, it will affect many states throughout the world, and if America stands for God today – bringing Him what is due Him, No nation in the world will demand a right of pleasure in wickedness, war, injustice, or compulsion. And no nation shall tower over other any more; those who live in God’s love shall experience the change. And it does not matter how man feigns ignorance or resists the truth, Jesus Christ is forever established above the heavens as the eternal savoir, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. May God provide for His people in America with a leader who has the passion of David and the anointing which Goliath can never stand up to. God bless America! May your light shine again. And may there be peace in Jerusalem and prosperity to those who love God’s foundation of truth. Amen.



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