Amir Mobin Fall in Love with Your Job as Much as Your Spouse!

Amir Mobin
Amir Mobin

It Would Be Done Perfectly Only When You Fall in Love with Your Job”. Said Amir Mobin, Iranian Top Ranked Photographer, Videographer & Art Director. “If You Want to Achieve the Best in Photography Industrial You Should Fall in Love with Your Job. Without Love You would Waste Your Time in This Lovely Challenging Artistic Industry”.

From His World Wide Experiences as an Art Director in the Field of Luxury Wedding Photography & Luxury Life Style Promoter, There ‘s a Point for Everyone Who Cherishs Photography Not Only as Job But Also as a Life Style. Yes! Life Style!

Amir Mobin Added: “When You Are Photographer You’ve Been Learnt To See Whole World Behind the Lenses. You Have Been Involved with All Aspects of Life Through Your Lenses. Every Details Matter from the Tiniest Size to Biggest. Over This Scale You Should, You Should, You Should Be Honest First of All with Yourself at the First Step Then Others. Lenses Are so Cool and so Brutal as Well. It’s so Paradoxical But Lovely. Cool for Being Your Most Intimatest Friend to Present Your Attitute as a Creative Proffesional Photographer and Brutal If You Want to Cheat on Your Audiences to Exaggrate the Truth Which Is Not Truth Your Lenses Will Treat You so Brutal and Will Talk Louder than Your Tricks. The Border of Getting Cool Impacts or Brutal Impacts Is Your Reputation”.

A Lot of Moments of Luxury Brands Like Porche, LG, SAMSUNG & Celebrities such as Bahram Radan’s Life Style in Iran and Abroad Pay Tribute to Amir Mobin’s Attitute by Being His Partner to Record Not Only Their Unique Moments But Also Making History in the Field of Photography.

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