An open letter to Mothers in Ghana

Ghana flag
Ghana flag

I would humbly want to start by being thankful to all Mothers in Ghana especially my beautiful mom. What could we have become if not for your timely checks on us? Even though, you struggled during our birth, you still held us in high esteem. What at all didn’t you do just to ensure we wore a smile.

You went hungry for us to be good looking. You took our shame, just so that we will be outstanding. Indeed, i can’t possibly find the right appellations to bestow on you on the occasion of Mothers’ Day.

There is always something about Mothers in Ghana that makes me long for them. Their encouragement and sense of judgement will forever be remembered.

What could we have possibly done without mothers on our side? Undoubtedly, here comes a genius, friend, mentor, tutor and a role model. Who is this individual with these qualities that could be likened to the Virgin Mary in the Bible? They are none other than the Ghanaian mothers.

To these fine ladies whose smile light up a dark room. They are a paradigm of selflessness, love & zest. They’ve demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts that, they are sui generis. Their exceptional humility is surely one of the levers that will push them to even more opportunities.

They’ve lived a life worthy of emulation, appreciation and encouragement. They’ve touched and blessed all whose paths they have crossed and that earns the affinity, reverence, appellations, endorsement, administration and respect they now comfortably enjoy.

Please, Mothers in Ghana, Keep actuating these enviable deeds and greatness shall be your province.

As you celebrate this Mothers’ Day with this article of mine, may God’s blessings upon your lives be made visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.
I can’t possibly live without your care, love & encouragement, Ghanaian Mothers. Our Mothers kept a beautiful scenery. And I will be doing myself a disservice if I fail to let the world know.

This is the scenery;
A scenery where love, care and wisdom abound. A scenery where they grew and watered our character, behaviour and confidence. That made us ready to start the journey of life. They made it possible for us to shine and excelled among our contemporaries.

They made us a positive force to reckon with and turned us to the bright sunshine full of abilities. And encouraged us to be vision oriented. Fostering and nurturing the seed of self-esteem which propelled us to greater heights in life. This, they did to instill in us the spirit of bravery so that, when the winds and rains of life came, We were protected enough.

However, this cushion, wasn’t too much because they knew we’d need to stand up strong and tough. Their constant inspirations and exemplary qualities were the motivation behind not giving up. They always taught us right from wrong. When we fell off from bicycles at our tender ages, our wounds were gently treated. Awwww, how can we ever forget our Ghanaian Mothers? We will forever write your names across our hearts.

I pray for grace, longevity, success, prosperity, good health, fulfillment and a double portion of the unction to function.

Wishing all Mothers a Special Mothers’ Day Celebration coupled with God’s blessings especially to Mrs Patricia Wiafe, Mrs. Margaret Donkor, Mrs, Christiana Atunah Mrs Gifty, Apetslor Bessey, Mrs, Susuana Boakye – Danquah. May the good Lord bless you.

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