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An open letter to the Speaker of Parliament

Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin

Good morning Sir. I hope this letter finds you in good health.

I first want to commend you for showing the Finance Minister that he is not above the laws of Ghana. Now that his presentation has been referred to the appropriate committees, we know Ghanaians will know how the COVID-19 Income was spent.

Mr. Speaker, there are still certain things I want to bring to your attention. Forgive me if you already have some of them on your table to deal with before December 7, 2024.

Mr Speaker, we are aware of the various changes the Electoral Commissioner, Mrs Jean Mensah, made to the 2020 Presidential results. She was called to the Supreme Court but the Justices at the Supreme Court prevented her from answering all the relevant questions. Some of us thought by now, she would have been called to Parliament to answer those questions she dodged at the Supreme Court. Mr. Speaker, can you use your good office to get Ghanaians the needed accountability from Mrs. Jean Mensah?

Mr. Speaker, we remember the night of your election, the MP for Tema West, Hon. Carlos K. Ahenkorah chewed some of the ballot papers that was meant for your victory. Up-until-now, we don’t know how the ballot-paper snatcher, Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah has been punished for bringing the august house into shame. Mr. Speaker, can you refer Hon Carlos Ahenkorah to the appropriate committee to face some punishment? The way I see Carlos, if he is not punished, he is likely to repeat the same disgrace in 2025. He is shameless.

Mr. Speaker, that same night you were elected, the military were ordered to invade the august house in a coup d’etat style. Mr. Speaker, as of today, we don’t know who ordered the military to invade the Parliament. Could you use your good office to get us who ordered the military and if possible, punish him or her? Mr. Speaker, an action on this, is needed so it doesn’t get repeated in 2025. I know what I am saying.

Mr. Speaker, in the course of the passage of the E-Levy bill, a certain woman entered Parliament and was counted as Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo. We are aware an investigation was conducted into who that imposter was. Mr. Speaker, can you share with the Ghanaian people how far is that investigation? The law must work.

Mr. Speaker, we are also aware of the LGBTQ+ bill before the house. After a debate on the bill, everything has gone silent on the bill. I believe the silence on the bill has emboldened the LGBTQ group to mount billboards in some parts of Accra and Tema.

Mr Freddie Blay, the National Chairman of the NPP is also reported to have said, we should allow the LGBTQ people to do their own thing. The silence on the LGBT bill in parliament is exposing the gays in our society. Could you please use your good office to bring the bill back and get it passed as soon as it’s possible?

Finally Mr. Speaker, just as you forced the Finance Minister to come and give account of the COVID-19, can you use your authority, Mr. Speaker, to bring him back to Parliament to give account of the President’s foreign travels? The way the President is chartering expensive private jets needs to be checked and I believe your office can bring a stop to that insanity. After all, the President is equally not above the law. Thank you very much, Mr Speaker, and have a great day.

Dr. Lawrence is a faceless citizen, who lives in USA.
Lawrence Appiah-Osei

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